The King's Guard

A classic late XIV century harness. Made from a combination of strong stainless steel and etched brass, you’ll feel like a hero!

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We have always prided ourselves on our well built, beautiful armor. Once upon a time, though, the things we produced weren’t nearly as stunning as what we forge today. There was a real turning point in the history of ArmStreet, where we shifted from being simple armor manufacturers to armor designers and artists. The shift would lead us to experiment with our sources and inspiration, to make history more beautiful, and advance our skills in ways that have truly helped us to become masters of our craft. That turning point was the Kings Guard armor.

With this set, we mastered how to blend history with our own design principles. We took a historical harness and elaborated on it, making something that sits just outside the realms of reenactment, but still within the guidelines of “medieval”. We wanted to make a set that was classic and bold, but also heroic, fit for a fancy medieval captain of the guard. This was a harness for a knight of high standing, who takes pride in their appearance, and truly embodies what it means to wear shining armor.

We used stainless steel, a material that didn’t exist in medieval times but serves a great purpose for us now. This steel is strong and doesn’t rust nearly as easily as mild steel and other materials might. This also made it absolutely ideal for SCA fighting armor, as it is easy to take care of but can still take a beating. Taking a step in the direction of art, we added etched borders to this steel, with beautiful floral patterns that spread to the edge of the armor. Etched brass borders with Latin words are scrawled from head to toe as if they outline the knight themselves in holy words to live by.

Over time, this collection has grown to include everything you might need to dress as a knight. A lush velvet gambeson, plaque belt, as well as shoes were designed to complement the armor, and a few different options for gauntlets were added as well.

We hope that when you step out in the armor, may it be to defend your king or win a tournament, you wear it with pride. We know that in this harness, you can become a hero.

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Join the King’s Guard

Why settle for anything less? You know how skilled you are, and know exactly what you can contribute to such a group. Not only are the King’s Guards the most talented sword fighters in the kingdom, but they also hold themselves with pride and honor, model citizens to everyone around them. Why would you ever want to be anything else?

Wear a luxurious SCA Gambeson

As your skills as a swords person grow, so does your appetite for beautiful gear! That’s why we decided not to stop with the armor, but extend our love of design down into the padding as well. We have 14th-century gambesons designed especially for this collection, made from wool and velvet. The wool is very traditional and is a very strong wearing fabric, whereas the velvet is much more luxurious and eyecatching. Either way, the design is comfortable and attractive, so you’ll look and feel your best.

Lead the medieval guard

Why follow when you can lead? Having a good set of armor is very important when it comes to making a good impression, as well as protecting yourself! So, when choosing your armor, you need to consider both how it looks, and how well it is constructed. We always recommend stainless steel because it doesn’t rust very quickly, and is very easy to take care of. This means you can spend less time shining it up and more time wearing it, fighting, or relaxing afterward. We know that maintenance is a very important part of keeping your medieval guard armor looking great and functioning well, which is why we’ve tried our best to make it easier for you to take care of.

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Our bestselling SCA Armor

Do you want something tried and tested? Are you sick of taking risks and getting pieces for your kit that don’t quite meet your standards? Then you should go for a set of armor that has been purchased dozens of times by happy customers. Over the years we have worked hard to keep up with advances in manufacturing and make our armour even better, which means that as time goes on this set is only getting better!

Many choices of 14 gauge SCA helms

We know exactly how important your head is, which is why we have worked very hard to make sure all of our helmets are up to standard. Stainless steel is thicker and stronger than regular steel, which means it will take quite a beating and protect your head. We also offer more than just the Bascinet helm sca version - we have a number of different helmet styles that we can customize with an SCA visor to make fighting easier for you. Just make sure you browse our whole range of helmets and pick something that suits the rest of your kit! Some of the styles we have available include:

  • 15th-century sallets
  • Bascinets with Houndskul, Klappvisor, Italian long face and more
  • Roman helmets
  • Viking style helmets
  • Gothic knight helmets

And even more! As you can see, we have lots of choices. It’s up to you.

Be a Knight in Shining Armour

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re unsure, you can always order one piece at a time - we also sell it all separately. We would always recommend starting with a helmet to protect your head and face, but we also have an arm harness, leg harness, cuirass, pauldrons, faulds, and more! So, go ahead and pick out your favourite piece and start building yourself into the knight you want to be.

Get your Kingsguard Armor made to measure

If you have trouble finding armour that fits you, getting something made to measure is the way to go. You simply send us your measurements (make sure you read our guides on how to measure yourself properly, and that you measure yourself twice to get the most accurate measurement), and we will make armour that will fit you.

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