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Medieval Armor Arms “Knight of Fortune” Etched

Medieval Armor Arms “Knight of Fortune” Etched

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Arm Armor “Knight of Fortune”

European etched combat arms, 14th c.

These arms are an exclusive version of our XIV century European arms decorated with traditional medieval “Thistle” etched ornaments. The arms are made keeping combat in mind. Their simple and sturdy construction has many advantages: great balance between weight and flexibility, grade-A protection and the fact that arms are disassemblable. You can use both upper and lower cannons separately in combination with elbow cops.

Arms like these are known from many sources, we used Rezzo von Beichlingen (circa 1360) and Gerhard von Rieneck (circa 1382) sculptures as a reference. If your group or event you are going to visit has strict historical accuracy requirements you may be interested in buying same arms without etching.

These arms (with our without etching by your choice) will be a great multi-functional part of your SCA, reenactment or live-steel kit.

Arms features:

  • 1.5 mm (16 ga) stainless steel;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Leather decorations;
  • 3 pieces (upper cannons, lower cannons, elbow cops) can be used separately;
  • This version is etched. Take a look at the same arms without etching.

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