Knight of Fortune

This 14th century set of armor utilizes our masterful etching techniques and crafting knowledge to create a versatile, historically inspired collection.

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For our “Knight of Fortune” collection of armor and accessories, we looked closely at historical source material to create something flexible, protective and SCA oriented. It is made from robust, shiny stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and much easier to take care of than mild steel. The steel is ornately etched with a stunning thistle pattern, a design that we decided on after a ton of historical research and artistic sketches and experimentation.

In this collection, you will find a bascinet helmet as the main headpiece, along with a flexible brigandine for chest protection, and 14th-century style arm and leg harnesses. This means that the harness is not articulated like later style armor, but instead consists of three pieces - the arm harness containing a rerebrace, elbow cop and bracer, and the leg harness a cuisse, knee cop and greave. This “floating” style of pointing armor led it to be quite versatile, as you can remove a piece or add more if necessary.

This set includes a number of other perfect details to keep you comfortable and complete the look, including a fitted wool gambeson, matching belts and accessories, and a number of ornamental weapons. This means that even if you don’t need armor, you’re sure to find a piece here that will contribute and complete your kit.

We imagine that this kit can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the preference and creativity of the wearer. For example, we feel that it could be fit for a king, or a dirty mercenary who happens to have a penchant for fancy armor. It’s completely up to you and how you decide to bring our pieces to life.

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Make your own knight costume

With the help of ArmStreet, it’s easier than ever before to put together a historically inspired suit of armor. We take pride in supplying you with all of the different parts of a suit of armor, allowing you the freedom to pick and choose the pieces that are best for you and your character. With worldwide shipping available, and express, fast shipping options as well, the power is at your fingertip to own a complete set of your very own!

What is a bascinet?

A bascinet is a type of head armor particularly popular during the 14th century and into the early 15th century. The helmet can be open or include a visor, and is pointed at the top. It was often accompanied by a mail “aventail” - a scarf of chainmail draping down to protect your neck.

Is the Knight of Fortune armor functional?

Everything about this armor is meant to be used in combat. It is made from real, high-quality stainless steel and 100% natural leather. It is a strong thickness and will protect you from blows from rattan, steel swords, LARP weapons and more. Wearing the armor makes you feel powerful and safe, and ready for battle!


What is a brigandine armor?

A brigandine, sometimes called a Coat of Plates, is a type of armor that was made in the late 14th - early 15th century. Instead of being just a rigid breastplate, this armor consisted of multiple plates attached to leather to create a more flexible piece of armor.

Why is brigandine armour effective?

A regular breastplate is quite difficult to bend over in and doesn’t grant a huge amount of moveability. Brigandine armor is much more effective as it allows you better movement without sacrificing protection.

How heavy is brigandine armor?

The weight of brigandine armor depends on how heavy the plates are, and how many plates are required. In general, it will be somewhere between 6 and 12kg depending on the size of the wearer.

The perfect SCA Knight Armor

If you’re in the Society of Creative Anachronism and looking for the perfect set, look no further. The Nasal Bascinet and other visored bascinets we designed for this collection were engineered with the SCA in mind. From the shape to the materials used, everything has been carefully considered. We also know how popular SCA brigandine armor is, so we wanted to make something that is functional, beautiful and comfortable.

Some of the most popular sca demi gauntlets on the market

If you’ve visited our stall at Pennsic or any other SCA event, you know exactly how popular our gauntlets are! If they had legs, they would just walk off the shelf. We always arrive with a large number of knight gauntlets for sale, and go home with empty boxes. This is because we’ve been making gauntlets for the SCA for over a decade, so we’ve had lots of time to refine our design and get them just right. We’re always improving on them, as well.

Complete the look with accessories and a dashing knight belt

If your armor is already complete and you’ve fallen in love with the etching of this collection, we also have a variety of items with this beautiful pattern for sale so that you can wear this work of art on other accessories.

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