WMA armor and gear

Western Martial Arts, or WMA, is an umbrella term that includes different types of Renaissance period fencing aka HEMA and cut-and-thrust in the SCA, armored combat swordplay disciplines from the Reenactment and SCA combat to live-steel historical sword fighting to buhurts. It's hard to draw a line between WMA and other types of history-based activities as for many people historical swordplay is completely connected to reenactment and other types of living history activities, while others consider Western Martial Arts in a more traditional competitive martial arts context. Nevertheless, the amount of different types of gear and armor is practically infinite, as every discipline and weapon dictates a certain approach to protective gear standards. ArmStreet makes lightweight armor for blossfechten and harnischefechten, SCA armor and gear, HEMA protective gear and practically anything you can imagine in between

2022-2023 ArmStreet's new designs highlights
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