The story of spring steel in ArmStreet

June 19, 2022

Today I'm going to sing a song about our spring steel armor. We've been through many discussions and battles around our armor, from reenactors being unhappy about our too creative approach to people rejecting the idea of a female body shaped armor or the idea of functional leather armour.

Like I said in one reenactment forum discussion, "we can make a perfect historically accurate XIV century bascinet, but does this world need another company that makes XIV century bascinets?"

Well, our bascinets sell well, but I think we find our way that serves two categories of our buyers, LARPers who want realistic armor, not a plastic gear, and SCAdians, swordplay folks, and even reenactors who want to be different and look good.

That's where our first spring steel armor kit "Dark Star" was designed, and  later it became a whole series of kits called "Stars of Steel".

Female blackened spring steel armour “Dark Star” Female blackened spring steel armour “Dark Star”

"Dark Star" is our first kit

The Wayward Knight Collection The Wayward Knight Collection The Wayward Knight Collection

"Wayward Knight" - a predecessor of the "Stars of Steel" line made with "beaten up" and blackened finish

Custom-made male version for Calvin Custom-made male version for Calvin

Our first custom-made male version of the kit was inspired by our loyal customer and a good friend Calvin

What I love about ArmStreet is that we go all-in when we believe in the goal. Making a hardened spring steel armor is practically about making it twice, and here comes blackening or golden "brassing" - a unique technology that allows us to make deep golden-colored metal without compromising its hardened spring steel properties.

What do we get as a result? A feather-light armor that works perfectly for most types of live-steel combat activities (let's say for jousting and buhurts you need some adjustments ), looks impressive and fits like a glove. Let alone it's not expensive for the quality, technologies, and design.

"Stars of Steel" Collection

"Morning Star" and "Evening Star" are two-colored twin kits, both of them include our golden brassing elements

Dark Wolf Spring Steel Armour Collection

Dark Wolf Spring Steel Armour Collection Dark Wolf Spring Steel Armour Collection

"Dark Wolf" - finally the armor for men has arrived

All these kits are practically interchangeable - we hate repeating ourselves so we designed different accessories, gauntlets, and helmets for them and you may order say "Dark Star" finger-gauntlets with golden accents or a "Morning Star" burgonet to go with "Dark Wolf".

"Stars of Steel" Collection

Potentially, it is also possible to play with colors and create a different color scheme for you - there are certain limitations and we'd been working on this option right before the War, but we are definitely willing to try, so do not hesitate to email us.