Wayward Knight

Blackened collection with brass, enamel, cotton

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“Not all those who wander are lost” — J. R. R. Tolkien


He may not know where his adventures are taking him, but he will never forget where he has been. This is a man of conviction and confidence, who knows his strengths and protects his weaknesses. Was he cast out from his kingdom? Is he disgraced for allowing his lord to die? And where did he get that black knight armor? Though his past is unclear, his faith in himself will still never waver and his hunger for adventure will never die. Sure — some people may consider a life like this to be lonely, or isolating… but isn’t everything so much freer when you don’t owe any of your success to anyone?

We present to you: The Wayward Knight armor. This beautiful new set is based on designs from the XIV–XV century and is a blend of history, fantasy, and technology. The most noticeable aspect of this armor is the color. It is crafted from mild steel and chemically blackened by a new process we have been experimenting with in our workshop for a number of months. It gives the steel a deep, rich tone, and tones down the usually bright brass to create an eye-catching contrast. If you are in love with the design but hoping for something a little bit easier to take care of, it is also available in mild or stainless steel in a number of different finishes. But, let’s face it — why would you want anything other than medieval black knight armor if you have the chance.

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ArmStreet’s spin on black medieval Armor

Beautiful, interesting, and undeniably cool, this armor set breaks new ground for ArmStreet. Much experimentation and work have gone into devising a new set of armor that is unlike anything we have made before. While we have previously leaned towards easy to clean stainless steel, this is a suit of armor that requires a little bit more maintenance but makes up for that by being some of the most cool knight armor you have ever seen!

Of course, our armor is not only beautiful, it is also functional. This kit is ready to be worn into battle at a moment’s notice, and is very well fitted and articulated. Made to measure, this custom armor will fit like a glove and be incredibly flattering to the body of any wearer.

The choice of Black Knight Helmet is yours!

We have crafted two different helmets to compliment this set. One of them is a greathelm style helmet, and the other a bascinet. They are both the same beautiful color and include the same blackened brass trim, but offer two slightly different looks to the future wearer of this armor. The bascinet includes a klappvisor to protect your face, which has a very interesting shape and looks unique to our other klappvisor helmets. These aren’t the only unique aspects of the armor, though!


A full set of armor for full protection

Instead of a black breastplate, you’ll find that we’ve finished this armor with a Visby style coat of plates. We have improved upon this historical pattern by adding additional armor to the back of it for more coverage. This will be perfect for fighting in the SCA, or other heavy formats of combat where you might want a little bit more protection in important places.

Complete the look with black knight gloves

You also can’t look past the hand protection that we’ve made for this set. They are a new adaptation of our popular SCA finger gauntlets, which have been dished slightly more on the finger lames to allow for better coverage of your precious fingers. They have been used by hundreds of fighters around the world and are being constantly altered and refined to make sure they offer the best protection possible. They are possibly the most beautiful black metal gauntlets you will ever find, as they are completely blackened, with the same fantastic brass trim around the edge. They allow for decent mobility and lots of movement without sacrificing your looks or protection, which makes this armor an excellent choice.

Goodbye knight in shining armor. Hello, Knight in black armor.

Shiny is so last century. Embrace the dark side with style with the beautiful blackened tone of this armor. You will stand out on the battlefield and look very different to all of your opponents in a way that will dazzle your enemies and demand attention. It is up to you what kind of character you will place in this black knight costume, but we like to imagine that it would belong to someone who is mysterious, lost, and very, very cool! It is completely your decision though, the dark past is optional and not at all a requirement.

The most important thing to us in creating this armor was that we were able to define a new, interesting aesthetic that is both historically inspired and fantastical. Much of the armor itself is based on the XIV–XV centuries, and the blackening of armor was actually a common practice to try and better preserve it from deep, structural rust and other environmental dangers.

We are the original creators of unique designs

We are the original “The Wayward Knight” Store. This is a suit of armor designed by ArmStreet, for ArmStreet customers. If anyone else claims to be selling the Wayward Knight, they are not the original! We are very proud of our unique designs and are always excited to present to you new and exciting things that have been created by our talented in-house designers who love doing research into both history and fantasy.

The Wayward Knight Armor, for sale now!

This set has been approved by our production team and is ready to be made. All you have to do is send us your measurements and we’ll get to work right away making it for you from scratch. We take pride in making each suit of armor individually for each customer, and won’t just give you one we already have lying around. If you’re looking for black knight armor for sale, ArmStreet is the perfect place. So what are you waiting for?

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