Wayward Knight

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J. R. R. Tolkien
He may not know where his adventures are taking him, but he will never forget where he has been. The Wayward Knight is a man of conviction and confidence, who knows his strengths and protects his weaknesses. Was he cast out from his kingdom? Is he disgraced for allowing his lord to die? Though his past is unclear, his faith in himself will still never waver and his hunger for adventure will never die. Sure - some people may consider a life like this to be lonely, or isolating… but isn’t everything so much more free when you don’t owe any of your success to anyone? 
Based on designs from the XIV-XV century, the Wayward Knight collection is a beautiful functional armor kit that truly stands out from the crowd. Consisting of a leg harness, anatomically shaped arm harness, pauldrons, an improved Visby-style coat of plates and a variety of helmets, this show-stopping collection is ready for battle. Finished with solid rivets, quality leather and cast brass buckles, this armor has fine touches despite looking weathered and battle-worn. 
The most noticeable aspect of this armor is the colour. It is crafted from mild steel and chemically blackened by a new process we have been experimenting with in our workshop for a number of months. It gives the steel a deep, rich tone, and tones down the usually bright brass to create an eye-catching contrast. If you are in love with the design but hoping for something a little bit easier to take care of, it is also available in mild or stainless steel in a number of different finishes. 

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