“The Wayward Knight” Gauntlets

SCA Finger Gauntlets with Padded Glove


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“The Wayward Knight” Hourglass Finger Gauntlets

SCA Gauntlets with Padded Glove

The Wayward Knight wanders freely and makes his choices alone. Beholden to no one and reliant only on himself, he’s as free to roam, work, and fight. Maybe you pity him… or maybe you might find yourself becoming jealous.

Our famous hourglass gauntlets are back, yet again, with a new look! These transitional gauntlets look right at home with late XIV-XV century kit, and were made to go with our new Wayward Knight collection, a functional fighting kit with a stunning blackened steel finish. Though we advertise them as blackened mild steel, we can also make them out of plain mild steel or stainless steel with a satin or mirror finish, so the end result is up to you. Gauntlets of this general design were used for decades and saw many different wars on the hands of everyone, from men-at-arms to knights. They are a great design because they keep your fingers safe but also allow for much more finger movement than clamshells and other designs.

Compared to historical gauntlets, the fingers of these gauntlets are incredibly dished. This is because we want to give you the best finger protection possible whilst keeping the gauntlets comfortable and flexible. We have been working on this design for 10 years, speaking with SCA marshals and fighters to change the design and make them the best gauntlets possible. They have significantly more thumb protection than a lot of finger gauntlets, decent finger tip protection, a short, pointed cuff, and come pre-padded with a padded leather glove, which makes them ready for combat.

The most visually striking aspect of these gauntlets is the beautiful dark tone to them. We have achieved this color through a process of chemical blackening on mild steel, which creates a beautiful, rich color. The blackening protects the deep layers of steel from structural damage, but does make the gauntlets a little bit more susceptible to surface rust, so be sure to take care of them accordingly. The brass has also been hammered for texture and creates a beautiful contrast to the steel, giving it a refined, aesthetically cohesive look. These gauntlets are complete with solid brass rivets and constructed from quality steel: 1.5mm (16ga) mild steel for the main parts, and 1mm (18ga) for the smaller, more articulated bits.

Check out our full suit of armor "The Wayward Knight".

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  • 1.5mm (16ga) mild or stainless steel;
  • 1mm (18ga) mild or stainless steel (finger lames);
  • 1mm (18ga) brass trim;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Genuine leather padded leather inner glove.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Adapted for modern protection;
  • Padded leather glove included;
  • Blackened finish available;
  • Other steels and finishes optional;
  • Well articulated;
  • Dished fingers for extra coverage.

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