Halloween with ArmStreet

September 15, 2022

Our "Moonless Night" collection's recent additions are all about making it possible for our customers to stay in touch with their favourite brand during one of the most entertaining holidays.

Pleated apron made from fine linen “Renaissance Memories”

Cotton Witch’s Hat Halloween Edition Brass fibula brooch with enamel “Wild Pumpkin” Halloween Brass Earrings “Wild Pumpkin”

Witch Halloween Costume Chemise

When some of our collections have this serious all-in approach, with a lot of attention to details, historical references and meticulous work on making everything work together for the best possible visual impression and character building, our approach to Halloween was and still is mostly about mischief and shenanigans as it is supposed to be.

Fantasy Monk Garb Halloween Edition black linen robe, hood, and bags Hooded Black Cloak Halloween Edition

Yes, we still have our "Spiderweb" capsule collection with an expensive coat, fancy dress and a lot of beautiful accessories. But for the last couple of years, we tried our best to make affordable and simple costumes that you can use for Halloween and for anything else if you will.

Black “Spiderweb” coat from Moonless Night collection

Spiderweb Dress with Sleeves Black “Spiderweb” coat from Moonless Night collection
Spiderweb Bag from Moonless Night collection “Night bat” brass crown from Moonless Night collection Spiderweb brass belt from Moonless Night collection

Thus, we designed "Wild Pumpkin" and "Bloody Thorn" trims and dresses which are available for only a short period of time from the beginning of September to the last night in October.

Limited Edition Black Witch Halloween Dress

Limited Edition Black Witch Halloween Dress Black Witch Dress “Bloody Thorn”

And later on, our "First Adventure" child collection got an update with black tunics, cloaks and hats for your little monsters, and even some new footwear for them.

Kids Water Resistant Cape Halloween Edition Cotton Witch’s Hat for Kids Halloween Edition
Cotton Cape for Kids Halloween Edition Children's Mantle Medieval leather shoes for children Halloween Edition Long linen underdress chemise for kids Halloween Edition

On the other hand, we didn't forget about those who take it seriously, so if you are going to get some new power and touch the unspoken knowledge, we have our "Despair" chemise for you.

Halloween witch linen chemise with rope bordering “Despair”

Halloween witch linen chemise with rope bordering “Despair” Halloween witch linen chemise with rope bordering “Despair”

Moonless Night Collection

Last but not least, this time of the year is when you can order a lot of our regular dresses with one of our "Halloween" trims so it's your chance to get a special dress from us without paying a fortune.

Moonless Night Collection