Moonless Night

Dramatic, mysterious and inspired by only the darkest of nights: dresses, coats, cloaks, corset and jewellery.

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On those moonless nights, no one wants to go outside. The wind always seems to blow colder, chilling you to the bone and extinguishing the hearths the townspeople huddle around. A different kind of person wanders the streets on those nights: divine creatures of darkness, evil queens and wailing banshees. Knocks on the door are met with fear as the townsfolk check and double-check they’ve locked their doors properly, fumbling for their chains and keys. What monsters roam the empty streets, they wonder? Spiders the size of dogs? An evil sorceress queen? All of the witches they failed to burn? Is it fear, or is it envy? As they emerge from the gnarled woods and walk through the cobblestone streets, it’s hard to deny their beauty. Every step has purpose, every move is planned and nothing they do is by mistake.
Those who walk under the moonless sky are free from the judgment of the conventional world, revelling in their own perfection and the freedom that comes with it.
This fashion found in this collection favours those utterly beautiful creatures of the night: long, flowing robes, stunning dresses, gothic accessories and cosy wool garments to keep you warm as you chant around the campfire or walk the streets in an evil sorceress Halloween costume. This is clothing for those who have impeccable taste and dress to kill. Dramatic, mysterious and inspired by fantasy, everything you’ll find here is no doubt one of our most beautiful creations.


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