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Sackcloth Witch Dress “Spiderweb”

High waist fantasy dress with embroidery


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Witch Dress "Spiderweb"

Sackcloth sorceress dress with linen embroidery

She’s clever, alluring and cunning, and you can’t help but find yourself pulled towards her. She might be a powerful witch, or a gothic queen. She moves with the wind like a wailing banshee and has the magnetic air of a brooding mage, and exudes strength and grace with every step.

This enchanting witch dress is crafted from one of our favorite materials: sackcloth linen. Originally used as a utility fabric and basically unheard of in the fashion world, we feel that sackcloth clothing has a mysterious air to it, creating something that a mystical character might wear. The sackcloth is comfortable and softens up beautifully next to your skin just like any other linen, but has a unique nature that comes out very well in photography and adds another texture to your costume. We have used two different weaves of sackcloth on this dress: a thicker one for the body, and a thinner, more transparent weave for the sleeves to create some variation.

The cut of this dress is high waisted and includes two generous gussets, starting under the bust and flowing down to the floor. The architectural shape and drape of this dress can be attributed to the fabric being cut on the bias, allowing the sackcloth to flow and stretch in a magnificent way that dances when you move. It is your choice if you want to keep this dress loose and allow it to drape naturally, or if you’d prefer to accessorise it with a belt to add more shape around the waist. Regardless, the skirt of the dress is very wide and creates a luxurious silhouette that you would usually find in dresses of a noble nature.

We have finished this beautiful creation with a little bit of embroidery to add some contrast. A blanket stitch from linen thread has been added around the v-neckline of the dress as well as the biceps, drawing the eye to the change of thickness in the sackcloth. We are incredibly proud of this dress and find it to be utterly enchanting! If just the embroidery isn’t enough and you’re looking to add a little bit more contrast to your costume, we also have a version of this Witch dress available with black flax linen sleeves.

0 92964–105364 24–27.5
2 105364–113964 27.5–29.5
4 113964–121332 29.5–31.5
6 121332–132564 31.5–34
8 132564–141164 34–36
10 141164–15532 36–38.5
12 15532–16964 38.5–41

Please note, that you can order this robe dress in default color scheme only, no alterations in color or material are available.

IMPORTANT: Please, use only dry cleaning for this item. Do not wash!

For information on how to use our size chart and how to correctly measure yourself, please click here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Linen sackcloth;
  • Black linen thread.


  • Cut on the bias for flow;
  • Tapered sleeves;
  • Decorative embroidery;
  • Unique sackcloth fabric;
  • Flattering v-neckline;
  • Beautifully flowing silhouette.

This item is part of the “Moonless Night” collection

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1 Comment

  • GiGi 18 of June 2018:

    I know you only offer this in sackcloth linen; however, that is the only reason I have not yet bought this item. Because this item requires drycleaning, it does not fit with my life/wear style. I LOVE this design and have been waiting for an empire waist in a bias cut. I just wish you made it in another of your non "dryclean only" fabrics....

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi GiGi, it can be made in sackcloth only, sorry. 

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1 feedback

  • Anika Campbell 12 of May 2020:

    I brought this dress last year for ren fair in Colorado. I adore this dress! I was 7-8months pregnant at the time. The dress is cut perfectly to go over my baby tummy. It was also very breathable! I was impressed. I got a lot of comments on how good it look. I recommend this! The shape of the dress will make anyone feel like a princess.

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