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“Spiderweb” Dress Oversleeves

Detachable linen sleeves with buttons

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“Spiderweb” Dress Oversleeves

Detachable linen sleeves with unique buttons

The wind whispers her name into your ear and you can’ t help but be drawn to her. She moves like a rumor and has the beauty of a dark queen – is she a witch, a banshee, or the sheer embodiment of magic itself? You may never know.
These magnificent sleeves are a part of our “Spiderweb” series from the “Moonless Night” collection, a set of stunning feminine clothing with a gothic edge. We loved these unique sleeves so much that we have decided to sell them separately so that you can add them to any dress that might need an edgy touch as you create your interesting character. We made them to match our “Spiderweb Dress”, but we know that our creative customers will come up with other combinations that look amazing as well, and can’t wait to see how you use them.
We have crafted these sleeves from two layers of flax linen, which has a beautiful luscious texture and softens up nicely next to your skin with wear. The double layer gives them a little bit more rigidity and also a more refined look, allowing for beautifully finished sleeves. The sleeves flare out from your wrist and cover a little bit of the base of your hand, and include a slit in the elbow which looks fantastic and also allows for easier movement. These can be attached to any dress because the fitted nature of the sleeve works alongside a handy hidden elastic band to keep them comfortably attached to your bicep over whichever dress you choose to wear underneath. 
Inspired by the close-fitting sleeves you would find on the dress of a noblewoman in the late XIV-XV century as well as the Renaissance, the first thing you’ll notice about these sleeves are the numerous buttons. From cuff to elbow, we have fit as many buttons in as possible in the space, drawing the eye and creating a tight-fitting, flattering silhouette. The buttons themselves are also a sight to behold, and are one of our most recent creative discoveries! The linen covered buttons are finished with a layer of mesh that is then gathered into a tail, giving them the appearance of little ghosts – or comets, or anything you imagine them to be – which adds a unique touch and truly makes these sleeves special. The buttons close with waxed laced loops which are robust and still pleasing to look at.
Please note that these sleeves are only available in fixed sizes, so please read our size chart carefully and ensure you select the correct size for your measurements.
If you have any other questions, please contact  us.


  • Flax linen;
  • Mesh;

  • Waxed loops


  • ArmStreet exclusive design;
  • Customise your favorite dress;
  • Lovely textured linen;
  • Unique buttons;
  • Luxurious look;

  • Gothic design.

This item is part of the “Moonless Night” collection

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1 Comment

  • JShaw 21 of May 2019:

    Do these come in any other colours? Or just black?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi, the sleeves come in black color only. 

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