Black “Spiderweb” coat

Dark queen woolen coat


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Black “Spiderweb” coat

Black woolen fantasy coat

The dark witch is as cunning as she is beautiful – she is a force of nature, pulling you in like gravity. Cold, intelligent and powerful, every move she makes is planned and every situation always turns in her favor. Perhaps she is a gothic queen, an evil banshee or simply a dark and brooding mage. Regardless, a woman of such incredible power needs a coat of equal magnificence, and that’s what we have created.

This is the Halloween version of our popular “Blackbird” coat, and at first glance you can tell that this is a garment that demands attention. Made from a huge amount of beautiful wool, there is no question as to if you’ll be warm as you gallivant through the forest and chant around the bonfire. On this garment you’ll find all of the characteristics you would expect from gothic design: a high, stand-up collar, long, flowing sleeves and bright, eye-catching lining. Snaking up from the bottom of the coat as well as one of the sleeves is sharp spiderweb embroidery, completed with a single spiderweb near the shoulder of the other sleeve.

The coat is fastened with tiny hidden loops, and we’ve really thought ahead with this one: we’ve also added invisible loops for our optional spider brooches, which can be purchased separately. This means that the coat looks fantastic on its own, or even better with the additional matching brooches!

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  • Wool (a lot of wool);
  • Twill fabric linen;
  • Hand embroidery.

Features :

  • Gothic design;
  • Sharp sleeves;
  • Fluorescent spiderweb embroidery;
  • Contrasting lining;
  • Hidden clasps;
  • Hidden tiny loops for optional spider brooches;
  • Lacing on the back for the waist-adjustment;
  • Not included: matching spider brooches (available for extra).

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