New products in our store: shield bosses

October 15, 2015

Stainless steel Shield Bosses with brass decorations

Great chance to complete your shield with beautifully etched boss

Today you have an unique opportunity to integrate stainless steel boss with ArmStreet's signature etching into your own product. ArmStreet provides several really exclusive shields in this store but we understand that variety of possible forms and patterns may compete with our customer's unquenchable imagination. We've been asked many times to make these bosses available separately from our shields and we decided not to go against the flow. Beware, next time we wouldn't be so kind.

Viking Shield Boss Dragon
“Dragon” Shield Boss

Some of bosses available at the moment are linked directly with other items from our “Viking” and “Shieldmaiden” collection, when others have patterns based on later period medieval motifs, like this beautiful shield boss with classic medieval “Thistle” ornament.

Medieval Shield Boss "Thistle"
“Thistle” medieval shield boss

All of these bosses have the same shape and are made of two parts: classic hemispherical stainless steel boss and brass ring riveted to it. Brass ring provides some extra durability but the main purpose these rings were made for is aesthetic one.

Viking Shield Boss "Serpent"
“Serpent” shield boss

Material used for these bosses is stainless steel (14 ga approximately or 2 mm precisely), hand dished hot and brass which is 16 ga or 1.5 mm to be absolutely definite.


  • Plate diameter: 91/2 inches (24 cm)
  • Sphere (fist bulb) diameter: 51/2 inches (14 cm)

Please check full selection of these great elements of your Viking or, broader, Medieval outfit and our complete shields here and do not forget to let your friends, relatives and the rest of planet Earth know that we have cookies shield bosses in our store...