Viking Shield Boss “Serpent”

Shield boss with etched brass cover

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Viking Shield Boss “Serpent”

Shield boss with etched brass cover

This is one of the shield bosses designed as a part of our “Viking” and “Shieldmaiden” collections and available separately to inspire your own creative imagination and skills. This shield boss is made of stainless steel, most likely it will last for years even if you hit a lot of enemies with it and get a lot of hits from them as well. It is decorated with beautiful ArmStreet's etching which is one of our signature and unbeatable technologies. The ornament with serpents is pretty common for Vikings. They hadn't a lot of peaceful motifs like lambs and birds at their gear, but mostly furious, strong, dangerous creatures like dragons, snakes, wolves and dogs. So, this serpent ornament won't disappoint your enemies on their way to Valhalla. Listen, aren't you a warrior? Then take a shield and conquer some new lands!

But first you can spend your winter time by making a shield by yourself, decorating it and completing the look with beautifully etched boss from the distant land overseas provided by the best armoury in the world...

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Stainless steel: appr. 14 ga (2 mm);
  • Etched brass: appr. 18 ga (1 mm).


  • Hot-forged stainless steel;
  • Etched brass decorated with serpent ornament;
  • All the rivets are included


  • Plate diameter: 9 1/2 inches (24 cm);
  • Sphere (fist bulb) diameter: 5 1/2 inches (14 cm).

This item is part of the “Viking” collection

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  • Joel Reed 18 of August 2017:

    I love the sword in the picture, do you make any swords like that? I feel like I remember you making swords with the Viking collection.


    Hi Joel! Our swords can be purchased at

  • James Wild 05 of May 2017:

    what is the approximate weight of the boss itself?


    Hello James, the weight is about 1.5 kg. 

  • Mel Glenn 04 of May 2017:

    On your Viking serpent shield boss, does it come with 16 dome-headed rivets for attaching it to a wooden shield? The photograph from the edge shows more layers under it, and the last one shows all of the rivets holding the boss to the etched rim. So, I'm uncertain about how I will attach the boss to my wooden shield.


    Hi Mel! The boss should be attached to the shield with the help of rivets that we can send along with the boss upon request. 

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