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Viking Combat Belt

Extra wide leather and brass war belt


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Viking Combat Belt

Extra wide leather and brass war belt

In many cases Viking have only some elements of the armour to protect critical parts of their body. They used wide belts as a part of their armour and as a functional gear to attach bags and arms to it. This belt has no historically accurate prototype but it's crafted keeping in mind Viking's decoration style. It is richly decorated with etched brass elements and handmade molded brass clasps as well as embossing on leather. It is a great part for any tournament or SCA gear thanks to it's construction allowing to attach any arms, frogs and bags at any point of the belt.

Important note: Brown, Natural and Cream leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if tone of the leather is important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • Genuine leather
  • Etched brass
  • Handmade molded clasps


  • Decorated etched brass accents
  • Molded clasps
  • Functional system to attach other gear at any point
  • Embossing on leather


  • Width: 15 cm (5 7/8'')
  • Length: custom. Your waist plus 4'' (10 cm)

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  • Matthew Cowan 24 of May 2019:

    Hello! I love your work and, my wife has some of your stuff. I was wondering if this belt could be made simpler? As in the metal not etched and the leather not tooled?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Metthew, yes it should be possible. Please check The Evening Star Belt as well. 

  • Todd 13 of January 2018:

    Is it possible to have this belt made with measurements that adjust from 35 to 42 inches with enough overlay of the wide leather portion so that even when worn at the largest size (42 inches) there is still enough overlay so that there is no gap in the wide leather belt. This is so the belt can be worn over a think tunic (where my waist measures 36 inches) or over a gambeson and chainmail (where my waist measure 41 inches.)


    Hi Todd! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this comment to your order

  • Amber Gertsch 03 of August 2017:

    How small can you go on the belt size ?


    Hi Amber! The belt can be made as small as needed

  • Thomas Barron 18 of March 2017:

    Can you purchase just the etched brass pieces, and if so how much?

    ArmStreet team:

    Sorry, we don`t sell the plates separately.

  • Jason Young 07 of July 2016:

    Can this item have wolves instead of dragons?

    ArmStreet team:

    We have just consulted with our designer, we can make the belt with wolves instead of dragons for you. The extra for custom etching will be $50.00.

  • S B 16 of December 2015:

    Can the belt be engraved with a message?

    ArmStreet team:

    Custom etching is possible, please send the inscription and example of the font to contact@armstreet.com.

  • Jon 19 of May 2015:

    Hey I was wondering if this belt can be done in red?

    ArmStreet team:

    Sorry, the belt can be made in brown or black color only.

  • Bevan 08 of February 2015:

    Now is his sword in a frog, or does the belt essentially function as a frog for the purposes of holding your sword?

    ArmStreet team:

    The sword is in the sheath, that is fastened to his belt. You can view it in details in this photo.

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11 Feedbacks

  • Showilyes 20 of March 2024:

    Very good!

  • MythosRaconteur 22 of June 2023:

    Aside from the outstanding customer service, quick response time, and very friendly seller, this item is INCREDIBLE. Beautiful workmanship. The castings are excellent, and all of the leather work is top-notch. I absolutely love my belt, and cannot recommend Armstreet enough to anyone who happens by their store!

  • Peter Hargis 11 of May 2023:

    Great quality and fits just right. Much appreciated!

  • Kyler blanchard 14 of February 2023:

    I've had the chance to wear it now a few times and I love it. I have never had an accessory that people will stop me and ask questions about until now. I love it. It looks better than the pictures can even show.

  • Steven 23 of May 2020:

    Wow completely awesome, the belt is a bit heavy but fit and finish is extraordinary. Well done armstreet

  • Fredrik 26 of June 2018:

    Good quality. Looks just like on the photos

  • Lucas Laudadio 27 of July 2015:

    Armstreet delivers outstanding high quality craftsmanship. This belt is a work of art; More perfect than I could have imagined! Thank you!

  • Michael Segal 16 of July 2015:

    Better than picture actually shows. Just looking for things to hang off of it now!

  • R. Cherish 15 of July 2015:

    This item is amazing! Incredibly well-crafted and very well cared for during the shipping process. Fits very well, is hefty and just looks fantastic! Thanks again!

  • Bevan 10 of April 2015:

    I just got mine in the mail today and I can only give you guys praise. It fits perfectly, and it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, which is amazing considering how solid this belt is. I cannot recommend it more.

    ArmStreet team:

    Wow, many thanks for your feedback, Bevan! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

  • Robert Terry 20 of January 2001:

    Thank you again! Fast ship, perfectly made, totally satisfied!

    ArmStreet team:

    Great, thanks for your feedback, Robert!

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