2022-2023 ArmStreet's new designs highlights

December 28, 2023

The quintessence of the ArmStreet is, and always has been, the creation of things that never existed before. While we were always very practical and persistent about our business development and processes, designing new stuff was always a pinnacle of the business and its founders. When the full-scale war in Ukraine struck, and we realized that, with the huge help and support of our friends and customers abroad, we could survive the storm – the first things we wanted to rebuild were our research and development team and processes. You are welcome to scroll down and share the joy of creating new beautiful things with us.

Kids costumes, Halloween edition

A perfect fit for the scary beginning of the year, the first items we released after the short "on pause" period was the line of kids' costumes for Halloween. Being in profound uncertainty, the series of clothes, shoes, and accessories presented by such cute models brought a beam of light. The thought of a family look for next Halloween, trick-or-treating together in matching witch's hats, is something to keep you in action, however dark the night around.

Medieval kids costumes for Halloween

Kids Water Resistant Cape Halloween Edition Short-sleeved kids linen tunic with trim for Halloween Long linen underdress for kids Halloween Edition Textile belt for kids for Halloween Witch's costume for kids Contrasting leather footwear for kids

"Key Keeper" series updated

Another trump card from the sleeve, a limited edition dress with stunning items to go along, features other materials (velvet and wool) and color schemes (burgundy and green) compared to the initial "Key Keeper" collection. Those items and photos, like kids' Halloween costumes, were ready in fall 2021 and just waiting their turn. They helped us a lot while we were limited in our favorite task - designing and creating new ones. The limited quantity of woolen dresses sold out fast, but we can still enjoy the aesthetics thanks to photos.

Woolen Cloak “Key Keeper” with Trim and Velvet Accents 14th-century style velvet hood "Key Keeper" Sold out woolen dress with detachable sleeves "Key Keeper"
Short-sleeved medieval dress with accents and trim Suede medieval shoes for women “Townswoman” Linen underdress “Key Keeper” with loose sleeves Enamelled Brass Mirror “Key Keeper” Brass women's belt with enamel “Key Keeper”


While our brave manufacturing team resumed the working process and dealt with backorders, we sought new ways to express ourselves and keep everyone busy. That's how the t-shirt subcategory appeared and developed during the first half of 2022. Designed and produced in Ukraine during the full-scale war, every single t-shirt is your contribution to the well-being of numerous Ukrainians. Profits from your t-shirt purchases allow us to deliver medical supplies and other important stuff to those who need them.

Cotton T-shirt with ArmStreet War Logo Cotton T-shirt “Fight like Ukrainian” Viking style cotton t-shirt “Warrior and serpent”

Limited Edition Hand Embroidered Viking style T-shirt “Warrior and serpent”

The orders that will never reach you,

but they will be sent right where they are in demand instead. Starting with the blankets for the refugees during the first months of the full-scale invasion, through sleeping bags for our soldiers, and to the lightweight stretchers for field medics – we can not say how important and appreciated your every purchase from this range of products is.

Water-resistant heavy-duty sleeping bag

Warm blanket for refugees fleeing war Durable lightweight field stretchers for Ukraine

The “Tapestry of War” t-shirt

We know our community well, and we know we all are passionate about the Middle Ages. With the help of our talented friend, we've created the Bayeux Tapestry-inspired print that depicts the first month of the full-scale war in Ukraine. We bet most of you have it already and have also bought it for all your friends and relatives as a souvenir. Thank you!

Bayeux tapestry-themed products to support Ukraine

Bayeux tapestry-themed products to support Ukraine Cotton T-shirt “Tapestry of War” for sale Bayeux tapestry-themed t-shirts and bags from Ukraine Ukrainian t-shirt “Tapestry of War” Ukrainian t-shirts and shopper bags “Tapestry of War”
Cotton T-shirts “Tapestry of War” for sale “Tapestry of War” dark T-shirt with linen insert

And shopper tote bags for those who do not wear t-shirts:

Cotton Shopping Bag with “Tapestry of War” Print Cotton Shopping Bag with “Tapestry of War” Print for sale Cotton tote shopping bag “Fight like Ukrainian”

HEMA fencing jacket "One Standard"

The fencing jacket was created in collaboration with "Bureviy," the manufacturer in Ukraine, led by two skilled fencers who also participate in designing and producing military-grade equipment. The jacket has everything you would expect from a fencing jacket and even a little more: an inner layer of 350N certified fabric, collar blade-catcher, anatomical pattern allowing for freedom of movement, breathability, and stylish appearance. It is being tested at tournaments and sparrings and receives positive feedback from fencers worldwide.

Mid-level protection multipurpose HEMA jacket with 350N fabric

Fencing Jacket "One Standard" 350N Ultra-grip micro velcro at fencing jacket Rear view at protection multipurpose HEMA jacket Collar blade-catcher at multipurpose HEMA jacket Mid-level protection fencing jacket with 350N fabric 3D mesh lining at protection HEMA jacket

"One Standard" fencing mask overlay

Fencing mask overlay "One Standard" for HEMA Fencing mask overlay "One Standard" for HEMA for sale Fencing mask overlay "One Standard" for HEMA side view

Fencing footwear "Dragon" series

Yes, you'll see a lot of fancy fencing (pun intended) stuff on this page. Our team's collective fencing experience most likely covers all the existing ways to swordplay, so we know that proper footwear is a game-changer. And to be on the safe side, we've designed a whole bunch of comfortable, reliable, beautiful footwear with incredible grip. Heritage collection for period look or contrasting sport version, knee-high boots or short shoes – boost your lunges and unpredictable dives with your pair of "Dragon."

Three heights fencing footwear “Dragon” HEMA fencing footwear “Dragon” with perfect grip WMA fencing footwear “Dragon” with perfect grip
HEMA fencing High “Dragon” boots sport edition WMA Short sport leather HEMA fencing footwear HEMA fencing sport leather ankle boots HEMA fencing high boots “Dragon” with perfect grip Perfect grip HEMA fencing footwear “Dragon”

Learn more about HEMA fencing footwear “Dragon” in blog

Short leather HEMA fencing footwear HEMA fencing heritage edition leather ankle boots HEMA fencing High “Dragon” boots heritage edition WMA

HEMA fencing heritage edition leather midi boots

"Ant" fencing gear bag

Have you ever tried to get to your swordplay practice by public transportation with all your equipment, fencing mask, protection, and blades? And what about bicycle? And what if it's not a practice in a gym five blocks away but a weekend tournament in a country on the opposite side of the globe? We feel your pain. Here is a highly adjustable backpack system that allows you to combine elements of the "Ant" line according to your current plans. By now, we have swords carrying bag in two lengths, a roll-top duffel bag, a detachable backpack system, and a mountable utility pouch. And more are on the way.

Swordsmen backpack system "Ant" 2.0 fencing bag for swords and gear Swords and gear carrying backpack system for HEMA
Swords carrying bag “Ant” fencing equipment soft case Swords carrying bag "Ant" 145 58'' fencing equipment soft case Swords carrying bag soft case for fencing equipment
Features of swordsmen backpack system "Ant" Universal roll top “Ant” fencing equipment duffel bag Inside the roll top “Ant” fencing equipment duffel bag Detachable backpack panel with shoulders straps and hip belt Outer mountable extra bag for gear "Ant" fencing small utility pouch

Plastic protection

First things first: yes, this is plastic armor, and no, it doesn't crack. At least after more than a year of being heavily used for practice and tournaments, we still haven't heard from our fellow fencers about our two-component plastic protection being broken. We have three lines that differ in appearance but have the same quality of material used and well-thought-through shape.

Longsword plastic protection for HEMA fencing "One Standard" HEMA fencing plastic in a historical ridged appearance Longsword plastic protection with accents "Futura black" HEMA elbow cops in a historical ridged appearance
WMA plastic shoulder protection for modern swordsplay Longsword plastic protection for shoulders Longsword plastic protection with accents "Futura black" HEMA knee cops in a historical ridged appearance HEMA elbows plastic protection with futuristic accents

WMA protective gear for fencers: pauldrons, elbow, and knee cops for modern swordsplay

Limited edition patchwork t-shirts

The birthday gift to ourselves for ArmStreet's 20th anniversary, this t-shirt combines high-quality print with handmade embroidery and patchwork. It exists in two versions, day and night. It is a masterpiece, a perfect gift for the ArmStreet fan, and an exclusive memorabilia.

ArmStreet anniversary hand embroidered patchwork t-shirt

ArmStreet anniversary limited edition hand embroidered patchwork t-shirt “Day at ArmStreet” T-shirt Limited Edition Embroidered “Night at ArmStreet” Patchwork T-shirt

“Forest” high boots update

The very first item listed on ArmStreet's website, the "Forest" boots keep the bestseller label for many years without significant changes. You can't improve the perfection. However, you can multiply it and add some extra options. Such as the possibility to order a pair of boots in different colors. Why not? Or order beautiful high-quality leather in limited quantity and create exclusive versions in two unusual shades.

Assorted colors medieval fantasy boots “Forest”

Medieval fantasy boots made of limited brown leather Limited quantity brown leather medieval fantasy boots “Forest” Limited Edition Grey High Boots "Forest" Medieval fantasy boots made of limited eition grey leather

“Heritage” wooden stands

Let's talk again about the swordplay gear. As we've seen earlier on this page, now you have a brilliant solution for the commutes and travels. But what about home or office? Would you keep your favorite saber in a carrying bag or its case? Or your brand new (spoiler alert!) perforated spring steel bascinet, will it stay behind the closet's doors or even in the basement? No way, you want to see them every moment of this endless meeting or while writing your new novel. Our wooden stands are exactly what you need, no doubt.

Wooden stand for two European weapons Wooden stand for one European weapon Wooden stand for helmet

“Ilse the Bright”

Let us introduce you Ilse, the bright member of our fireside family. Her shining smile and resounding laughter make the cloudy day nicer and the chilly wind warmer. We wanted our new accessories to match her personality and just couldn't stop ourselves!

Long linen short-sleeved tunic with trim

Long fine linen chemise with braided accents "Ilse the Bright" Fine linen chemise with braided accents "Ilse the Bright" Unique linen belt with braiding and embroidery "Fireside Family" Long fine linen undertunic for women "Ilse the Bright" chemise with braided accents

Color options for belt with braiding and embroidery "Fireside Family"

Textile bag with embroidery, trim and decorations Handmade stitching over the linen pouch "Fireside Family" Textile pouch with embroidery, trim and decorations

WMA swordplay cops and pauldrons

Let's keep it simple: lightweight spring steel protection for shoulders, knees, and elbows, which you can order in regular, blackened, or brassed versions.


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-96.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-97.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-98.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-99.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-100.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-101.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-102.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-103.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-104.jpg

“Layer One” gambesons

Our new gambeson is available in three different lengths (short, midi, and long), two styles (heritage or sport), and two materials upon request (cotton or linen). The main benefit of wearing the "Layer One" under your armor is that you don't have any bulky seems, and your movements are as unrestricted as possible, considering you are still wearing armor. We've designed those to fit various swordplay disciplines, including WMA or HEMA.


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-106.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-107.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-108.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-109.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-110.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-111.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-112.jpg

Perforated fencing helmets

Fencing helmets with perforated visors can be made in stainless steel or spring steel. Have you always dreamed of a golden color and an incredibly lightweight helmet? We've got you covered with a harnischfechten bascinet with aventail. It has tinted spring steel options available right on the spot, while others might need some extra charge and a chat or two with our friendly support managers.

2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-113.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-114.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-115.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-116.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-117.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-118.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-119.jpg

“Viking” collection updates

Few more Vikings want to join your party. Short tunics for summer and warm woolen tunics and kaftans for winter. New color combinations, new materials, new embroidery motifs, same good old quality, and exclusive trims by ArmStreet.

2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-120.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-121.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-122.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-123.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-124.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-125.jpg


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-127.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-128.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-129.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-130.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-131.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-132.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-133.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-134.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-135.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-136.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-137.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-138.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-139.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-140.jpg


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-142.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-143.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-144.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-145.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-146.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-147.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-148.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-149.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-150.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-151.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-152.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-153.jpg


Spring steel tinted cops and cone-shaped cops – we've introduced so many cops lately that we had to create a separate subcategory for them! Beautiful hat made of velvet and spring steel version of our bestselling "King's Guard" gauntlets.

2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-154.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-155.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-156.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-157.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-158.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-159.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-160.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-161.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-162.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-163.jpg

New colors for old items

It's always good to see earlier works reimagined and finding a second wind with new color schemas.

2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-164.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-165.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-166.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-167.jpg


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-168.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-169.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-170.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-171.jpg
2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-172.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-173.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-174.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-175.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-176.jpg


2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-177.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-178.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-179.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-180.jpg 2022-2023-armstreets-new-designs-highlights-181.jpg

Thank you for being a part of our journey, in the joy of our mutual hobby and the hardships of war. We hope to see you again next year and greet you with the new fantastic stuff we have in the brilliant minds of our creative leaders turned into life by the skillful hands of our team.

Blacksmiths, seamstresses, jewelers of ArmStreet