Warm Short-sleeved Tunic "Ingvar"

Woolen tunic: trim, embroidery, accents


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Warm short-sleeved Viking Tunic "Ingvar the Sailor"

Woolen tunic with trim, hand stitching, and linen accents

In this addition to the "Viking" collection, we proudly present the "Ingvar the Sailor" short-sleeved woolen tunic. This T-shaped tunic, crafted from remarkably soft and luxurious 100% natural wool in captivating hues, brings both comfort and style to the forefront. Notable for its unique design and extra finishing, it features shortened sleeves and flax linen accents that adorn the neckline, bottom hem, and sleeves.

What sets this tunic apart is the linen accent on the neckline, which boasts an extraordinary and exquisite shape. The trim skillfully draws a distinct line within this linen insert, adding a touch of elegance to the design. Further enhancing its appeal are the hemp ropes in two colors, ornating the unique trim developed by ArmStreet. One of the hemp cords at the the neckline and sleeves is embroidered around in hundreds of tiny stitches made entirely by hand with flax linen thread. The other shade of hemp cord provides additional depth to the neckline decoration, along with herringbone stitches in flax linen thread of a different color. The trim is inspired by Viking artistry and adds a distinctive and authentic touch to your attire. All together, they create extraordinary synergy and give a refined touch to this exceptional tunic.

We've selected the best combinations of wool shade, flax linen accents, contrasting trims, and finishings for this tunic. After trying both contrasting and same-shade linen hand stitching around the hemp cord for every color combination, we provide you with only the best solutions. This tunic encapsulates the spirit of Viking exploration, ready to accompany you on your own adventures.

Please note: only the following color combinations are available.

Bole wool Blue grey wool Avocado green wool Dust grey wool

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  • 100% wool;
  • Flax linen accents;
  • Flax linen thread;
  • Hemp cord;
  • Trim by ArmStreet.


  • Inspired by historical design;
  • Shortened sleeves;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Rich finishing: two types of hand stitching;
  • Hemp cords for additional depth of accents;
  • Unique Viking-style trim designed by ArmStreet;
  • High-quality soft wool.

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