“Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Pants

Wool blend baggy pants of Rus style

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“Olegg the Mercenary” Wool Blend Viking Pants

Our popular baggy Rus viking pants in a warm fabric

Sometimes, a man must pick up everything and run. Sometimes from a debt he didn’t pay at the gambling den, occasionally it’s from a surprise attack, expertly engineered by whichever army he was paid to fight against. Some days, it’s as simple as just running from a hungry bear. Regardless of what he is running from, a man may find himself without belongings, lost in the middle of the wilderness, not a coin to his name. Olegg has many dubious pieces of life advice to give, but if you’re going to listen to anything, remember this: when you gain your first coin, find yourself one good pair of pants, and don’t let them go. And once you find those pants, no matter what you’re running from, never forget your pants!

Forget about any other pants you own, because this pair of baggy Rus pants will quickly become your favorite. They are the same pattern as our best-selling viking pants with one major change: the fabric! We have recreated them in a simply gorgeous herringbone weave wool blend, which is both historically used in viking clothing and visually stunning. These pants will add instant texture to your kit, drawing the eye and making you look both fancy and tough at the same time. The wool will weather beautifully, and you’ll no doubt find yourself going back to these pants time and time again when choosing your outfit. These pants are also super comfortable and very easy to move and fight in - just ask Olegg, he managed to outrun a bear in them, after all!

These pants are based on historical designs and use quite a lot of fabric. They do up around your waist with a twine drawstring, and drape down to just below your knees where they are gathered into a narrower portion. Traditionally, a viking may have wrapped the bottom half of their leg in winningas (or leg wraps), which they would secure tightly with hooks, pins, or by just tying them. Alternately, they may have chosen to wear high boots cover this portion of the pants. There are many solutions and we are sure that you will find a fantastic way to wear this pants and add your own little bit of creativity!
This model has no leg wraps included.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Wool blend herringbone fabric;
  • Twine tie.

Pants features:

  • Historically inspired;
  • Super comfortable;
  • Great textured fabric;
  • Easy to move in;
  • Good for winter.

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  • Philippe Herman 21 of August 2018:

    Hello, are you gonna have these available in XL again ??

    ArmStreet Team answered 01 of September 2018:

    Hi Philippe! Yes, of course, we often re-stock these pants. 

  • makenzie 20 of August 2018:

    do you do custom measurements on the olegg the mercenary Viking pants like the other pants you have? I don't see a tab to enter measurements.

    ArmStreet answered 21 of August 2018:

    Hi! These particular pants can be purchased in fixed sizes from stock only, unfortunately. 

  • Paul 29 of May 2018:

    “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Pants: Excellent fantastic trousers very pleased.

  • Zechariah  21 of February 2018:

    What is the calf circumference of these in fixed size Large or XLarge?

    ArmStreet Team answered 01 of September 2018:

    Hello! The calf circumference for the XL size is 47 cm. 

  • Wayne 29 of January 2018:

    No custom sizing? The custom options show regular sizes only.

    ArmStreet Team answered 01 of September 2018:

    Hi Wayne! These particular pants can be made in fixed size only, unfortunately. 

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