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Hood “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

Canvas viking hood for wet weather


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“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Viking Hood

A water resistant hood for wet weather

The wayward traveller always knows how to dress comfortably and practically. As he treks across frozen tundras and wades his way through damp swamps, he’s rarely uncomfortable. While some may choose to lug a heavy cloak around or seek shelter when the rain starts, the traveller simply puts up his hood and keeps walking. He’s a busy man with places to be - even if he doesn’t know where that is yet.

This hood is inspired by the common Skjolderhamn hood pattern, a historical find dated 1050-1090, during the viking age. The design is thought to be worn by both men and women, and is beautifully simple yet functional. While the original Sjolderhamn hood was made from twill woven wool, our take on the hood is made from a rough weave of water resistant canvas to keep you nice and dry. The hood sits handsomely on your shoulders and comes down to a point on your chest, and can be worn under your tunics and costume (it fits very well under our Viking Jacket!), or over top, which is the more historical way to model it.

This hood is basically the medieval version of an umbrella: it keeps the water from your face, and keep your nice and dry even in a downpour! They look attractive and keep your shoulders warm when worn down, and are very useful and protective from the elements when worn up over your head. The weave of the canvas looks beautiful and comes up very well in any photography, as it has a gorgeous texture that just begs to be touched. The inside of the hood is also nice and comfortable, completely lined with premium linen of the same colour to make sure no rough bits rub any exposed skin.

We are especially proud of the finishing on this simple hood. It’s understated but still beautiful, and the sheer quality is plain to see. We’ve edged the whole thing, including are the hood, with a nice supple suede that is soft to touch and adds an excellent texture to the whole look. On top of that, decorative stitching that imitates hand stitching goes all the way around the hood, adding another level of texture and subtle detail. We absolutely adore this hood and usually wear it with the matching “Ragnvaldur the Traveller Viking Jacket”, but know it will be a welcome addition to any viking kit looking to add another layer with a little bit of practicality and warmth.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Canvas (body);

  • Flax Linen (linen);
  • Suede (edges).


  • Historical design;
  • Natural water resistant canvas;
  • Hand finished look on the seams;
  • Fully lined with linen for comfort;
  • Suede edging.

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1 Comment

  • Martin Jaccard 19 of November 2019:

    Hello, do you think to get this model in black soon? I just received the jacket in black and it will be even better with the hood :)

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Martin, we hope to have black canvas back soon but there is no ETA, unfortunately.

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1 feedback

  • Moreen 21 of November 2019:

    I love this. Perfect fit!!

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