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“Knut the Merry” viking boots

Embossed leather boots with faux fur


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“Knut the Merry” Boots with the Fur

Leather demi-boots with embossing and faux fur

Knut had run out of the tavern into the snowy evening wearing nothing but his pants. He didn’t leave with boots, but he certainly returned with some. It wasn’t clear if he had bought, found, or stolen them off of some poor soul… but they sure were fantastic. He was a spectacle to behold, an image that one would want to write a song about: those boots combined with those baggy pants - the whole tavern was looking at him. Would they ever find out where the boots had come from? Unlikely.

You’re not going to slip over and hit the floor in these boots due to solid construction and the convenience of a modern sole. It is still made with medieval style in mind and without any heel, which gets you low to the ground for an excellently authentic look. The soles also add a little bit of much needed insulation to protect you from the elements and keep your feet nice and warm: they are made from several layers including a leather insole, leather fibre board, a porous and breathable orthopaedic base and a rubber outsole.

They are crafted mostly from quality genuine leather stitched together with artificial tendons. The advantage of artificial tendons is that they are much stronger and less likely to rot than their natural counterpart, making for a more durable boot. The top of the boot is embossed with an ArmStreet exclusive wolf pattern, created by our designers after hours of research into viking knot work and common art motifs from the Dark Ages. An embossed belt wraps around the ankle of the boot and is finished with a beautiful little cast brass buckle which suits the aesthetic and enhances the luxury aesthetic of this fabulous footwear. We are very happy to have made a pair of boots that are robust, comfortable and practical, while also looking fantastic!

The best feature of these boots is possibly the fur. The fur! Actually, it’s not fur at all - it is simply an expertly crafted fake fur that appears to be real. You’re unlikely to find better looking faux fur than this. Do you want to demand attention and turn heads? These are the boots for it - wear them to any event and you’ll have the whole place looking at you.

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Important note: Brown leather shades may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter, so if the tone of the leather is an important factor for you, please contact us before purchase to ascertain which color exactly we have in stock at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • 100% genuine leather;

  • Artificial tendons;
  • Artificial fur trim;
  • Brass buckle.


  • Can be worn with a variety of different pants and look great;
  • Excellent faux fur;
  • Everyone will want to look at you and your boots;
  • Modern sole means you’re unlikely to slip and hit the floor;
  • Leather soles get you low to the ground.

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  • Jluie 17 of January 2022:

    C’était un cadeau pour mon fils. Il les adorent,belle qualité de cuir. Elle lui font parfaitement.

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