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Kaftan “Olaf the Stormbreaker”

Men's Viking woolen coat


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Kaftan coat “Olaf the Stormbreaker”

Early Middle Ages Woolen Viking Coat

A fire crackles in the pit and small steady flames of the oil lamps dance with the shadows of the tall richly dressed men. Poems and sagas will be told about them in the windy winter nights, but tonight they are drinking and joking, and telling stories about their adventures and battles, occasionally tripping each other in the smoke of the fire, and praising their gods of the sea and battle, for tomorrow day they will sail to the faraway lands to see and trade, and conquer.

Due to their diverse lifestyle Vikings were the people who had to switch constantly between their activities. Therefore the Vikings’ formal outfit, unlike its later equivalents, had to combine a practical cut with smart details.

Original Birka Viking kaftan

Our Viking kaftan’s design is based on the authentic coat pattern from the Birka findings.

It is a coatlike overgarment, which is all about warmth, elegance and unrestricted freedom of movement. Made of natural wool broadcloth, the Viking coat has an extra layer of a linen lining, which, while adding to the cold protection, also keeps the skin from the coarseness of the woolen fabric and makes the inside of the coat as accurate and neat looking, as the outside. Six metal cast buttons, being a glinting part of the garment’s decoration, keep the Viking caftan fastened from the neck to the waist.

The Viking coat is sufficiently long to be worn in severe Norse climate conditions, but short enough for ease in walking and riding. Sleeves, which are wide at the armhole and narrow at the wrist, do not restrict arm movement and allow a wearer to switch easily from the entertainment to the fight or work without changing clothes – a feature that is surely a must in the Vikings’ outfit.

vikings kaftan pattern

The kaftan is embellished with a contrast-colored strip of mixed wool-linen fabric along all the edges (4 cm at the front edges, hemline and neckline, 11 cm at the cuffs). The joint between two types of fabric is reinforced with an original Viking “plaited” ornamental trim, designed specially for the purpose. One more elegant accent is a decoration of the structural seams of the Viking kaftan with the thick natural-colored linen thread. The thread goes over the seams, forming a traditional herringbone pattern, and adds strength to the whole powerful northern image created by this exquisite Viking coat.

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  • 100% natural wool broadcloth;
  • Natural linen lining;
  • Mixed wool-linen fabric at the edges;
  • Exclusive ornamental trim;
  • Jute thread;
  • Six metal cast buttons.

Key features:

  • Single-breasted Viking kaftan;
  • T-shaped silhouette;
  • Herringbone stitching over the seams;
  • Sleeves, narrowing to the wrists;
  • Edges, decorated with the contrast-colored fabric.

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  • Arthur H Harding Jr 31 of October 2020:

    What belt would you recommend with this coat?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, it is shown with the viking belt, but you may actually wear it with any belt

  • leanne 10 of December 2019:

    Gorgeous coat i want one

  • Kasey 04 of October 2019:

    Can the sleeve length be adjusted for my short arms?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, this coat is made in custom size according to the given measurements. 

  • Koltin 19 of January 2017:

    Does it come with the fur?

    ArmStreet team:

    The fur is not included and not available for sale, sorry.

  • Karen 17 of November 2016:

    I would like to order this in size LARGE. Is that size available without going custom?

    ArmStreet team:

    At the moment the coat in size L is not available in stock. You can order the coat in fixed size L and we`ll manufacture it,  but manufacturing may take about a month (the price will be still like for an in-stock item).
    Please email us if this option works for you.

  • Suzanne 22 of November 2015:

    Good morning, How long are the sleeves on a medium size? Thank you,

    ArmStreet team:

    This kaftan has a low shoulder seam, so it's difficult to measure the exact length of the sleeves. Here is the length measured from the neckline to the very bottom of the sleeve: size S - 30 1/2 in (77,5 cm), size M - 31 in (79 cm), L - 32 in (81,5 cm), XL - 33 in (83,5 cm).

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6 Feedbacks

  • Guest 16 of March 2024:

    I ordered a custom-made kaftan. It fits great, it's warm and looks really good. Thank you very much!

  • Bill 29 of November 2022:

    This coat is beautiful! I intend to wear it as my winter coat when it is really cold out. I have already placed another order with Armstreet. Slava Ukraini!

  • Maxime 02 of June 2022:

    Comfortable, just like on the pictures, nothing to say it's perfect!

  • Andrew 18 of March 2021:

    This is so awesome thank you very much; fits great

  • Robert Chinn 26 of December 2016:

    I absolutely love it! Fits perfectly! And so warm. 10/10 would buy again, worth the wait.

  • Maximilian Schreck 29 of March 2016:

    Far surpassed my expectations. Really great stitching and warm.

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