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“Tapestry of War” Cotton T-shirt

Ukrainian War memorabilia

$42.00 $29.00

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“Tapestry of War” Cotton T-shirt

Ukrainian War memorabilia

There is not much we can do in terms of continuing our normal work activity, but we do all we can.

ArmStreet is still a medieval design company, and while we can't create our usual beautiful things, we still can design something that rings a bell to medieval enthusiasts. This T-shirt design is played around the XI century Bayeux Tapestry and depicts the first month of the War in Ukraine.

You can see the most known moments of the War, from tractors towing tanks to Ukrainians protesting invaders to the shelled theater. Every little accent has a meaning, and you'll find dozens of signature moments we put on the illustration.

We had several options on how to make these T-shirts, but eventually, we decided to print them in Ukraine. It makes them more pricey but this way more money go to the suffering Ukrainian businesses.  And this is the way for us to help our employees to make living during these horrible times.

Unisex size chart

SizeChest widthFront length
S 18764–185764 46–48 271164–27916 69–70
M 201532–205564 52–53 27916–276164 70–71
L 211764–212132 54–56 281132–29964 72–74
XL 225364–2358 58–60 295964–304564 76–78
XXL 245164–251932 63–65 304564–31764 78–79
XXXL 2638 67 3112 80

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  • 100% cotton.


  • Unique design by ArmStreet;
  • Unisex size chart;
  • Printed in Ukraine during war;
  • Your easy way to support Ukraine and ArmStreet;
  • Soft cotton;
  • Trim reinforced neck.

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  • Suzanne 19 of June 2022:

    The email asking for feedback states "status:delivered" . That's not true, BUT, the parcel HAS arrived in the USA as of 6:15 am today, so there is hope :)

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, kindly send us your order number so we could assist you better. 

  • Oleksnadr 17 of June 2022:

    Hey! Any expectations when M size will be in stock?

    ArmStreet Team:

    There is no ETA, sorry. 

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90 Feedbacks

  • Susan Woodman 04 of January 2024:

    I love this design so much! I don’t even want to wear it because it’s so powerful and moving with the story it tells. I gave one of the shirts that I purchased to a YouTuber that I admire “Beau of the Fifth Column “. He always has a TShirt that goes with the theme of the discussion and I wanted to see a Ukrainian made shirt when he talked about the courage and brilliance of Ukrainians defending their land. I am Happy to see that your shirt is used regularly in his YouTube discussions now.

  • Sarah 24 of July 2023:

    This is a fabulous t-shirt and a wonderful way to mark a terrible period in time. I hope that the way will soon become a bad memory and that you can produce another t-shirt showing Ukrainian victory. In the meantime, I will treasure the t-shirt and think about you every time I wear it.

  • Laurie 16 of March 2023:

    What a unique and power-filled design! Great customer service and pretty fast shipping. Kudos! My entire family is proud to wear these; our son has volunteered numerous times in Ukraine this past year.

  • Bruno 12 of February 2023:

    Bought three of these for the family. Huge hit. Would love to have one myself but unfortunately they do not come in tall and even the XXL is too short. If they ever decide to start making their t-shirts in tall I'd be buying a lot more. I hope they consider extending the tapestry to include the retake of Kharkiv and Kherson. I know several people who have bought this just for the historical context.

  • David 10 of February 2023:

    Love this t-shirt - good quality fabric and fine print job. Shipping to New Zealand took a while, but that's understandable given the circumstances.

  • Bob 09 of February 2023:

    Great shirt. The material is soft and smooth. The details in the tapestry are amazing. A great hit at work.

  • Emma 10 of January 2023:

    I ordered this in august and it arrived within a month to Australia when I was only hoping it would get here just in time for Christmas. My Dad is obsessed with it

  • Guest 09 of January 2023:

    The shipping didn't take as long as I expected. My husband really likes the shirt.

  • Guest 17 of December 2022:

    The shirt is wonderful, love the take on the Bayeux Tapestry - it tells the story! Take care, be safe if you can, and we'll do all we can to help.

  • Karen E. 30 of November 2022:

    Hi folks - Hope you are all safe and well. Writing to tell you how much I love this T-shirt. The quality of the shirt is great, the graphics are clean and crisp and the printing is solid. Will wear it with pride. Slava Ukraini! Karen

  • Cary 21 of November 2022:

    Loved it, keep up the good work. It was exciting to get a package from Ukraine. I use my shirt to help spread the message of resistance to tyranny. I also posted the short on my FB page and others have bought because of it.

  • Zack 16 of November 2022:

    The artwork, a collage of events in recent Ukraine war, is both revealing and aesthetic. I love it. Putin’s actions are immoral, greedy and devastating. Ukraine is nobly defending their land and showing great strength even in smaller numbers. With God and other sovereign countries on their side, Ukraine will triumph!

  • Slava 02 of November 2022:

    I've been rocking Tapestry of War T-shirt for a week now and it's been great so far! Got a lot of positive impressions from strangers and had a chance to highlight the issues and troubles that Ukraine is going through. Thanks for an awesome art and really neat fabric, great job folks!

  • Lois 04 of October 2022:

    MY Tapestry of War T-shirt arrived this afternoon. Worth the wait! Even more wonderful than the picture. So glad to be able to show my support for Ukraine by wearing it in Portland, Oregon!

  • eileen 22 of September 2022:

    This t-shirt is even more amazing than the site photos. It feels so soft and the printing is sharp. I love this shirt and so glad I bought it to show support Ukraine. You go, Armstreet!

  • Stephen Harris 21 of September 2022:

    This is an excellently made t shirt, with really high quality printing. As the weather warms up here in Australia, I'm looking forward to wearing it to show my support for Ukraine. Thank you, Armistreet!

  • Susan 19 of September 2022:

    I ordered this as a gift and the person receiving it just loves it! Great quality and an excellent design that had numerous family members examining it and talking about it.

  • Sandra Graves 13 of September 2022:

    I love this shirt so much, I've ordered four of them so far.

  • Ingrid Measimer 12 of September 2022:

    I love my shirt. It has started several conversations about the war and about Armstreet. Thank you!

  • Jeannie 05 of September 2022:

    Great t-shirt, great fit, fantastic art. Well done, as ever.

  • Patty K. 02 of September 2022:

    I bought this t-shirt for my son and we love the drawing and the message and the people of Ukraine (and wish we could do more to support you all!). I'm now wearing it and it's been decided that we'll have to share the shirt until he grows out of it. Thank you, Arm Street, and thank you, people of Ukraine for showing us what love and courage look like.

  • Richard doman 29 of August 2022:

    Love it

  • Marco C 29 of August 2022:

    I love it, everyone needs one

  • Alex R 29 of August 2022:

    A fantastic combination of old history with this unreal present. Very good quality.

  • S&D 28 of August 2022:

    Love the design and soft cotton after washing!

  • Darren W Mize 28 of August 2022:

    I LOVE my war tapestry shirt! It’s history in our current Middle Ages, and now all my friends want one. Thank you so much for this! Slava Ukraini!

  • katy 11 of August 2022:

    Brilliant design, I'll probably be ordering the tote bag too.

  • Chris 09 of August 2022:

    Terrific shirt! Arrived A-OK in Southern California. I can't wait for the follow-up shirt with you-know-who catching an arrow in the eye.

  • Pam 08 of August 2022:

    This design is brilliant! My friends love it, and I know at least two have ordered shirts of their own.

  • Leslie R 08 of August 2022:

    Fantastic quality and the artwork is gorgeous. Delivery Dragons are surprisingly fast!

  • Eli 07 of August 2022:

    5 stars :D

  • Cam 06 of August 2022:

    I love the art and the fit. I hope to be able to support you for a long time to come. Stay strong.

  • Mir Plemmons 05 of August 2022:

    Such good art! Glad to support you!

  • Catherine Adams 05 of August 2022:

    I love my t-shirt. It gets a lot of attention and comment from people wanting to know where to get one for themselves.

  • Marina 05 of August 2022:

    Very cool...we loved them.Did get delivered after complaint to AusPost.

  • Terri 04 of August 2022:

    Sooo very awesome, worth the wait!

  • Marina Eather 04 of August 2022:

    Hi RH067311971UA has not been delivered and I am unable to track it.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, your order is at AusPost since July 27: Please contact them for delivery. 

  • AJ 04 of August 2022:

    Love the art, love supporting a small business! Awesome shirt, arrived promptly, couldn't be happier.

  • Craig Taylor 04 of August 2022:

    It is fabulous. It arrived, all things considered, quickly. Tank you. And my very very best to you and yours.

  • Patricia McGregor 02 of August 2022:

    This is an awesome shirt!

  • Maggie Reid 20 of July 2022:

    I was nervous about making the purchase but wanted to do my bit to help so took the plunge and hit the 'Buy' button. Communication was clear and timely with a tracking code arriving within days. Tracking was fantastic -It's a very long flight from Ukraine to Australia but after a small delay getting airborne (yes there's still a war in Ukraine to deal with) the magic dragons managed the journey. The T-shirt arrived today and it's much better quality than expected. Ready to become a repeat customer now - I always wanted a suit of armor ;)

  • SARAH GOODMAN 06 of July 2022:


    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, we are sorry for the delay with shipping but we can see that your order is in the USA for 3 days already. You can check it here:

  • Caroline 04 of July 2022:

    So colorful and so soft. What a wonderful way to show my support for the Ukraine. May these terrible times come to an end soon!

  • Peter 29 of June 2022:

    Delivery was well tracked, arrived safely, fits nicely and looks great. Will be well worn and discussed.

  • Monica 26 of June 2022:

    Such a clever idea, based on the Bayeux tapestry, to show what Ukraine is experiencing. Wearing it everywhere and answering questions about the symbolism - at the gas station, the grocery store, the "big box" stores - great easy "non-threatening" way to engage conversation and garner support. Kudos for a superb product!

  • Maggie 25 of June 2022:

    Great shirt. Beautiful artwork and very comfortable. Buy one! Thank you and take care.

  • Liam Wescott 24 of June 2022:

    It took a little longer than expected to get here (six weeks rather than three weeks) but considering there is a war going on, that was not too surprising. I love the shirt and will wear it with pride!

  • Emma 23 of June 2022:

    Beautiful! Excellent as a present. Took some time to get delivered, but no panic, it got through the war and home to me. Thank you!

  • Teri Block 23 of June 2022:

    Great shirt. I was worried it got lost or stolen but it turns out our local post just didn't tell me it was here for two weeks. But now that I have it, I am very excited about it. I love all the little details, like the black cats and the people flipping off the warship.

  • Scott Webb 22 of June 2022:

    Wonderful shirt and great customer service!!!!

  • Dexter Guptill 21 of June 2022:

    5 Stars! I got my T-Shirt in good time (I mean, there IS a war going on), and love it.

  • Cynthia Dudley 21 of June 2022:

    Love it. Much appreciated by people I walk by and associate with in the outside world. Hope you make more designs soon that I can add to my collection of t-shirts.

  • Edwina Wandersee 21 of June 2022:

    Was very disappointed in the gesture and words on the bottom.

  • Thomas Mcdonald 20 of June 2022:

    I saw this shirt and loved it! If finally arrived this weekend after long wait (which I expected). Great material and fantastic artwork. My only regret is that they didn’t offer the other color when I ordered it. Now I just need to wear it to work to support my Ukrainian coworkers.

  • Ian 19 of June 2022:

    Looks absolutely beautiful, and feels amazing. Very high quality shirt. The artwork is lovely, and of course the meaning behind all of it is very important. Honestly it is so nice I don't want to wear it (I am scared I would spill something on it).

  • Danna 19 of June 2022:

    Very cool t- shirt. very well made.

  • Victoria 19 of June 2022:

    The shirt is amazing, I bought it as a gift for my partner and they are very pleased with it. I hope that everyone who sees it clearly gets the message that the Russians must leave Ukraine. Much love and support to you!

  • Izzy 19 of June 2022:

    Nice quality shirt, and the design is very good.

  • Paul Willis 19 of June 2022:

    Love it. Now waiting for warm weather to wear it.

  • Caitlin 19 of June 2022:

    My husband loved the shirt, great quality, well made and happy to try to help and support.

  • Fortune Blain 19 of June 2022:

    Shirt is awesome and better than I had hoped ❤️

  • Jette Goldie 19 of June 2022:

    good quality fabric and a striking design. brilliant t-shirt and admired by everyone who sees it

  • Howard Veillette 19 of June 2022:

    It's fantastic. Stay strong and safe!

  • Aniela Florstedt 19 of June 2022:

    Beautiful, stunning design, great idea from The Tapestry of Bayeux ( describing the battle by Hastings, 1066), I´m proud to own it!

  • Liz 19 of June 2022:

    I commend the designer of this beautiful and moving t-shirt! Ukrainian bravery and fortitude are depicted beautifully in a design that conjures history. I love my shirt and wear it proudly in support of Ukraine. Armstreet, you have my highest regard!

  • Leone Moyse 18 of June 2022:

    Great shirt! Always gets comments, so I pass on the website details. Thanks guys, stay safe.

  • Patrick Urquhart 18 of June 2022:

    Awesome t-shirt, Australia stands with Ukraine!

  • Kit 18 of June 2022:

    Great shirt! The ‘Tapestry of War’ shirt was a big hit to all my history loving friends. Would be awesome if another, updated version gets made.

  • Debra Simms 18 of June 2022:

    The "tapestry" t-shirt is even better than I hoped. The quality of the shirt is great - not at all flimsy. And the detail of the art is absolutely stellar! I am SO impressed. Oh, and I washed it (following the instructions on the shirt) and there was no cracking or fading at all. Great shirt, and I've really enjoyed explaining it to 'some' people.

  • Stuart 18 of June 2022:

    Very nice. Looks as good as I’d hoped and it irritates all the Russians and Putin-lovers. Слава Україні!

  • Shelley Featherstone 18 of June 2022:

    I love the details! What an amazing idea

  • Lori 17 of June 2022:

    Come for the nod to the Bayeux Tapestry; stay for the memorialization of the plucky determination of a brave people. I

  • Kathleen Woods 17 of June 2022:

    We love the shirts. We get compliments every time we wear them.

  • SHARON L HELLAR 17 of June 2022:

    We love our shirts and all our friends love them too ! We have been getting the word out for others to buy it too!

  • Carrie McKenzie 17 of June 2022:

    Beautiful images, perfect sentiment! I bought two of these, for my husband and me, and they’re a great way to show our support for Ukraine.

  • Erika Jarden 17 of June 2022:

    As a riff on the Bayeux Tapestry, the artwork is spot on. As a tribute to the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian patriots, it's incredibly moving and inspiring. Thank you for this fine shirt! Slava Ukraine!

  • Thomas Hooper 17 of June 2022:

    Great Shirt and such wonderful people.

  • Jane 17 of June 2022:

    Our whole family love our tshirts! Awesome design, high quality fabric, feels good to wear, looks great too. Україна має перемогти

  • Evelyn Pigott-Washington 17 of June 2022:

    My partner and I are thrilled with the t shirts! Thank you !

  • Shelley T Rabinovitch 08 of June 2022:

    The tshirt is beautiful and I will wear it proudly as the grandchild of a Mikolayiv grandfather! Slava Ukraini!

  • Yulia 06 of June 2022:

    This shirt is brilliant. Every detail of the tapestry has a story asking to be told. I hope for a continuation with the next edition of the shirt.

  • Diane 06 of June 2022:

    Best service ever ! Love my T-shirts. Can't wait for my f-you Russian warship to arrive!

  • Katherine Baluta 06 of June 2022:

    Proud to wear this quality shirt and so glad to support you and the defense effort. Much love to you all

  • KATHRYN 06 of June 2022:

    I love my shirt! I’ve worn it just once and got multiple compliments and questions about the art. I like that it keeps people talking about what is happening in Ukraine, and gives me the opportunity to tell by people about armstreet so they can support you.

  • Jennifer 06 of June 2022:

    Awesome tee. Great design, soft fabric. Even more awesome is the fact that ArmStreet continues to turn out quality items in a WAR ZONE. Slava Ukraini! (I also think this would make a great poster.)

  • Mara Thompson 06 of June 2022:

    My t-shirt arrived during the estimated shipping time and is excellent quality! Thank you so much. I’m going to truly make it mine by tea dying it to make a muted natural color and shorten the sleeves by cutting since I’m female and hem too long/bulky, no femme style was available when I purchased. Thank you and Slava Ukrayini!

  • Shelley Rabinovitch 06 of June 2022:

    The shirt still hasn't arrived to my home. Please ask once it has arrived in Ottawa Canada. Slava Ukraini!

  • Liam W Wescott 03 of May 2022:

    This would definitely make a great poster too.

  • Pam Cottrel 23 of April 2022:

    Would love to see a poster also.

  • Alice 19 of April 2022:

    would LOVE to see this available as a poster. Maybe through a site like Redbubble that can print on demand.

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