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Heavy-duty sleeping bag

Water-resistant with synthetic batting


Shipping & Manufacturing

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9-17 Days
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18-24 Days
This item will be shipped on your behalf to the frontline cities military and support personnel for free

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Heavy-duty sleeping bag

Water-resistant outer fabric with synthetic batting filling

Disclaimer: that's one of many ways you can help Ukraine. Buy one of these sleeping bags and we will produce and send this bag to the military or support personnel.

After making blankets for refugees, we found one more gap we can fill. These bags will go to Ukraine's military, support personnel, and volunteers, to the places where people live without electricity or heating, and sleep in empty buildings, roadblocks, and sometimes trenches.

It also allows us to keep at least part of our seamstresses busy. Thank you for your help and great support!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Water-resistant nylon;
  • Synthetic lining;
  • Synthetic batting filling.


  • Ships immediately to those who need it;
  • Keeps ArmStreet seamstresses busy;
  • Reliable zipper;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Warm and lightweight.


  • 145x210cm (57 ³/₃₂'' x 82 ³/4'').

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  • Julia 23 of September 2022:

    “If Russia stops fighting, the war ends. If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.”

  • Paul S 05 of April 2022:

    The description says, "don't fill in the address section", but the site won't let me progress through checkout without filling it out. Should I just use my normal shipping address with the understanding it will go to someone in Ukraine who needs it? Is there some other address I should list?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Please use any address to place the order. It will be sent to refugees in Ukraine. 

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18 Feedbacks

  • Lisa 04 of April 2023:

    Super glad we could help out in this small way to make a difference for the people on the lines. Thank you for letting us help

  • Zoila Mata 17 of March 2023:

    So glad that this was available

  • elvenlights 29 of November 2022:

    This was a donation item, so it was sent to where it was needed. Given the high quality of everything else ArmStreet does, I'm sure its recipient is very pleased to have it!

  • Stan Strijakov 20 of November 2022:

    The order has been delivered after shipping clarification. Thank you! Hopefully will help our friends to survive the winter in Ukraine!

  • Peter 16 of November 2022:

    Supplying these sleeping bags to those defending Ukraine is a brilliant initiative, and one which I fully support and will continue to support as long as it needs to be done. Thank you Armstreet for making this possible. Slava Ukraini !

  • Julia 23 of September 2022:

    Warmth from California. There are Ukrainian flags flying on my street, we are all supporting Ukraine.

  • Paul 03 of September 2022:

    From a retired Canadian soldier - This will keep you warm as you keep up the good fight.

  • Christin 31 of August 2022:

    Thank you for keeping up yourwork under the most difficult conditions. You are the best.

  • Leslie R 08 of August 2022:

    Thank you for all you are doing. I hope this sleeping bag provides comfort for those who have lost so much and are fighting so hard.

  • Russell 25 of July 2022:

    All the best, hope it keeps them warm and safe.

  • Anthony De Bellis 20 of June 2022:

    Doing good work during hard times

  • Jenn Z 20 of June 2022:

    I can't speak to the quality because it's a donation, but if it's anything like everything else Armstreet makes, I'm sure it made some happy person very comfortable and warm. :)

  • Geneva Arena 13 of June 2022:

    Armstreet is always fantastic - thank you for the opportunity to help the Ukrainian people in a small way. Stay safe!

  • ME 10 of April 2022:

    Thank you for letting me support my family in the Ukraine

  • Lisa 09 of April 2022:

    Hello! I have tried a few times to buy a sleeping bag for the soldiers but just leaving out the shipping address in the form does not work. I had to choose a country (US) and then when I tried to pay I got an error message that I had to enter the state. So I did, then I got a message I had to enter the address. I really really want to help but I can’t get past your payment form. :-(

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Lisa, 

    Please enter any valid address, the order will be sent to the refugees in Ukraine anyway. 

  • Renato 08 of April 2022:

    I want to support buying three sleeping bags and let the address section free as mentioned in the disclaimer, but the website complains. What can I do that I can order the bags and they will not accidentally be shipped to me?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, it cannot be accidentaly shipped to you. This particular product is being made for refugees in Ukraine. 

  • Kelly  04 of April 2022:

    Thank you for providing a way to help from afar. You and the people of Ukraine are in our thoughts and hearts.

  • Joy & Jeff 03 of April 2022:

    Thank you for providing a way to contribute.

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