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Warm blanket for refugees

Warm blanket for refugees fleeing war

Not available

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Warm blanket for refugees fleeing war

Satin cover with synthetic batting filling

When you don't know what to do - at least do something.

With our supply chain frozen and employees spread all over Ukraine, we decided we can do something useful little by little. After spending a night with parents in one of the temporary refugee hubs in Uman with no heating, we offered our help in making blankets available for everyone passing this place — it is about a hundred people a day.

Said and done, with your donations we will make the first hundred blankets right away, and every one of you can buy one for $25 and give it to those who travel further. It will also make it possible to keep at least some of our employees busy and pay them.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Satin outer layer;
  • Synthetic batting filling.


  • Ships immidiately to the refugee hub;
  • Keeps ArmStreet seamstresses busy;
  • Warm and lightweight.


  • 145x205cm (57 ³/₃₂'' x 80 ⁴⁵/₆₄'').

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21 Feedbacks

  • Mark 18 of October 2022:

    I bought some more, with what russia is doing more people might need them. Keep safe and keep warm.

  • Leslie R 08 of August 2022:

    Thank you for all you are doing, I hope these blankets help and offer some comfort to those who have lost so much.

  • Jill 08 of April 2022:

    You guys are wonderful!

  • Savanna 07 of April 2022:

    When I buy a blanket for a refugee, what Shipping information am I supposed to put in to make sure it gets sent to the shelter instead of to me?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Please put  any address for the order. The blanket will be sent to refugees in Ukraine. 

  • Glynnis Campbell 03 of April 2022:

    Thank you for all you are doing for your brother and sister Ukrainians. I am so grateful to have a way to give. America is with you. The romance author and reader community is with you. The world is with you. Stay strong.

  • Glynnis 03 of April 2022:

    Thank you for all you are doing for your brother and sister Ukrainians. I am so grateful to have a way to help. America is with you. Romance authors and readers are with you. The world is with you. Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all. Stay strong, and keep safe.

  • Michelle 02 of April 2022:

    Brilliant. It looks very nice. I have shared the link.

  • Robin 01 of April 2022:

    Stay strong

  • Lynne C. 29 of March 2022:

    This is wonderful. Our hearts are with you. May God cover and protect you.

  • Bertran Schultz 29 of March 2022:

    Hoping to you stay safe and well. Thank you for helping those in need. May victory come quickly for the Ukrainian peoples!. Slavi Ukraini!

  • Chantal 18 of March 2022:

    Ne lache pas.

  • Brent 17 of March 2022:

    Slava Ukraini! Stay safe! Putin's war is an abomination, thank you for letting me help you resist all the terror that he has caused.

  • Elisabethe P. 17 of March 2022:

    Please keep as safe as you can. I hold you all close in my heart, the people of Ukraine. I hope the blankets help a bit.

  • Mark 17 of March 2022:

    Just ordered some. My heart goes out to you and your people. Stay safe, and thanks for doing this and thanks for allowing people like me to help with the process.

  • Joy 16 of March 2022:

    So many people have already spoken what is in my heart.... What you are doing now, in the conditions your doing it, speaks of your heart as well. Thank you for all letting us be a part of your effort.

  • Megan 15 of March 2022:

    Thank you for such a wonderful contribution, stay safe xx

  • Margie 15 of March 2022:

    From Australia my heart goes out to those at Armstreet and all those holding the line at this terrible time. I can do little, except watch in horror, so thank you for giving me a way I can contribute some meagre support to your workers and the people of Ukraine.

  • Thomas 15 of March 2022:

    I have purchased a blanket and I hope others do too. In this dark time I hope these families know that there are people who care for the wellbeing.

  • Nick 15 of March 2022:

    I hope this little bit helps. Thank you for using your company to help others.

  • Justin 15 of March 2022:

    My problem where I live is keeping cool, not warm, and I have no risk of being shot at. I hope my small contribution can help some of my fellow humans stay warm.

  • Guest 15 of March 2022:

    A great thing you are doing.

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