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“Key Keeper” Limited Edition Dress

XIV inspired woolen dress and sleeves

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Limited Edition Woolen “Key Keeper” Dress

14th century inspired dress with detachable sleeves

If you’re looking for simple, comfortable elegance, the “Key Keeper” Collection is perfect for you. We’ve designed all of our “Key Keeper” garments to shine in their simplicity, attracting the eye with quality craftsmanship, high-quality textiles, and an outstanding silhouette. When you finally have this dress in your hands, you’re going to fall in love with all of the wonderful details - from the expert tailoring to the thoughtful trim design and color choices.

This specific dress is a limited run of dresses made from gorgeous woven wool, which has a stunning rich texture that looks much deeper than our plain linen dresses. It’s also warmer and is great for the winter months. The color choices include deep red and green. Every dress is accompanied by a pendant with the number to acknowledge you own a really unique garment by ArmStreet!

The silhouette and rough design of this dress are borrowed from the XIII-XV centuries when silhouettes began to get tighter around the bodice with long, flowing skirts. It’s not dissimilar to the XIV century coathardie (or cotehardie), which was commonly worn by women of all social statuses. Our dress has similar features, with a fitted bodice that closes at the center with lacing, and a long swishy skirt, given body by four additional fabric gores.

The dress itself is floor length, with lacing up the middle, a gently scooped neckline, and short sleeves. It has additional “arm warmer” type bottom sleeves that are a separate piece, so you can choose to style the dress with or without them. The lacing loops are made from strong cord, sewn into robust little loops to pass the lacing through. This kind of lacing looks wonderful and medieval and sits flat, which adds to the simplistic charm of the whole garment.

The dress and arm warmers both have beautiful, limited-edition trim that was specially made to match the gorgeous new wool colors. It is based on our original “Key Keeper” trim, which was designed by our talented team of artists specifically for the collection. It was created after lots of research into medieval art and shapes, and it has a lovely geometric aspect to it.

It lines the bottom hem, the lacing at the front, the neckline, and the sleeves. The trim is further outlined by contrasting wool, giving the dress a beautiful crisp edge. The color of the wool is absolutely amazing - we don’t think that this textile will last long in our design studio and we’re sure it will sell out quickly!

The chemise (underdress) is not included, but available in our store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Important note: This dress cannot be made for the chest circumference bigger than 49 inches (124 cm).


  • Woolen cloth;
  • Cord;
  • Trim.


  • Limited edition fabric: 2 in green  available!
  • Every dress comes with a pendant;
  • Center lacing;
  • Voluminous skirt;
  • Detachable arm warmer sleeves;
  • Lacing on the sleeves;
  • 14th century inspired.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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1 Comment

  • Sam 06 of January 2023:

    The belt looks like the townswoman belt with letters, is that right? Is the model in the green dress wearing it with red leather, brown, or unavailable? Also, what shoes would you recommend?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, this is the belt (in red color)

    And here are the shoes

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1 feedback

  • Naomi 08 of May 2023:

    I LOVE IT!!! It's beautiful and comfortable and was totally worth it!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Many thanks, Naomi!

    ArmStreet Team wishes you loads of fun wearing the dress and see you soon!

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