Fencing Bascinet Helmet

Harnischfechten HEMA fencing helmet


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WMA fencing bascinet helmet

Harnischfechten HEMA fencing helmet

Historically, the bascinet was one of the most widespread medieval helmets through the XIV to XV centuries, making it an essential part of the recognizable medieval knight or man-at-arms look.

In the world of modern sword-fencing, it is by far the most popular helmet for many applications, starting from the SCA heavy rattan fighting to Battle of the Nations style armored tournaments and buhurts, from many historical reenactment groups to LARP and harnischfechten part of HEMA. In other words, this is one of the most popular designs for Western Martial Arts.

While we have plenty of bascinet helmets in our shop, a world of Historical European Martial Arts demanded a good solution for thrusting weapons – something stronger than a fencing mask but lighter than most of the options for the heavy armored combat on the market. Along with our basic WMA fencer helmet and our Spring steel helmet with a removable visor, this helmet is a perfect solution for most of your fencing needs, whether you're playing with arming or long swords (that's where a 2mm version might be handy) or lighter sabers or side swords.

This version has a riveted chain mail aventail and padding under it.

If you like playing with swords and this hobby is an essential part of your life, buying a proper multi-purpose helmet like this might be a great investment into your protection and a big step forward to mix bloss- and harnischfechten activities.

Please, pay attention that the brassed finish looks the same on the mirror- and satin-polished steel.

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  • Spring steel with various finishes;
  • Rivets;
  • Leather straps;
  • Aventail.


  • Spring steel options;
  • Hardened perforated visor mask;
  • Straps and clasps included;
  • Helmet and aventail lining included;
  • Riveted maille aventail.

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