WMA fencer bascinet

Swordplay harnischefechten helmet


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WMA fencer bascinet with perforated visor

Swordplay harnischfechten helmet

For many generations of sword fighters, the bascinet helmet was and still is a "king of the road," the most popular, versatile helmet that looks well and works well.

We've been making bascinets for over twenty years, from lightweight LARP helmets to tournament steel helmets, from SCA bascinets to heavy-duty buhurt head protection. However, one important application was somewhat beyond our scope, primarily because of differences in WMA fencing practices and disciplines in the Old and New World. With an integral rise of Western martial arts on both sides of the Pond and with many team members expanding their horizons by visiting HEMA events and tournaments all around the globe (and sometimes winning them), we see a crucial demand for a relatively lightweight protective helmet. The one that could work for harnischfechten with the Renaissance times weapon, i.e., protecting you from thrusts equally to cuts and other things your fellow fencers will tend to do to you or at least try to.

This is a second helmet from the new generation of perforated visor WMA helmets. Historically, it is the first one, originally designed as a custom order for one of our partners and a sword-fighting coach. This one is simple and practical; it is priced more than reasonably and could be a perfect one-thing-for-all for many sword-fighting applications.

It is available with several options of material and finish. The helmet comes with padding and a complete kit of straps. It will be a workhorse for many years and maybe a loaner gear for several generations of fencers. Anyway, we hope that the destiny of this fabulous head protection will be prominent, if not brilliant, and now it is in your hands, or, rather to say, on you.

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  • Spring or stainless steel;
  • Rivets;
  • Leather straps.


  • By default, it has a spring steel top and visor;
  • Good breathability;
  • Perforated framed visor mask;
  • Cotton batting lining included;
  • Straps and clasps included.

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