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“Tapestry of War” Black T-shirt

Ukrainian War memorabilia

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“Tapestry of War” Black Cotton T-shirt

Ukrainian War memorabilia

What can we do when there is no obvious solution? A miracle. For example, when there is a high demand for our "Tapestry of War" t-shirts in black colour but the creators of the XIth century Bayeux Tapestry haven't left us any historical references with black background? Poof! A little miracle: we print our detailed masterpiece on flax linen of the natural colour and then merge it with a black cotton t-shirt. Voilà!

Though the War in Ukraine restrained us from our usual workflow of creation of medieval-themed beauties, ArmStreet is honoured to have such an amazing community of loyal customers and fans that we managed to find the niche even in the darkest times. This design was aimed to bring tears of joy and recognition to the medieval enthusiasts' eyes. It depicts the most bright moments of the first month of the full-scale invasion into Ukraine and is powered by all the sad stories of the homes, connections and lives lost. And all the bravery and freedom aspiration Ukrainians bear in blood.

Every little accent has a meaning: tractors towing tanks, Ukrainians protesting invaders, first responders and shelled theater – you've seen all that in the news. And now you can take part of this history closer to your heart and help us bring victory closer at the same time. Same as all our war-time products, we produce those t-shirts in Ukraine. It makes them more pricey but this way more money go to the suffering Ukrainian businesses. And this is the way for us to help our employees to make living during these horrible times.

To conclude: yes, you got it right - we print our "Tapestry of War" design on the natural flax linen cut bias for better flexibility. We live the edges as they are so the linen can wear out nicely. We've washed and tumble-dried the experimental samples and it worked out well. However, if you do not trust the heartless machines to deal with such a treasure and want to be on the safe side, you can always handwash and lay it flat for drying.

Unisex size chart

SizeChest widthFront length
S 18764–185764 46–48 271164–27916 69–70
M 201532–205564 52–53 27916–276164 70–71
L 211764–212132 54–56 281132–29964 72–74
XL 225364–2358 58–60 295964–304564 76–78
XXL 245164–251932 63–65 304564–31764 78–79
XXXL 2638 67 3112 80

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  • 100% cotton t-shirt;
  • 100% natural flax linen.


  • Unique design by ArmStreet;
  • Extra medieval look achieved by the flax linen insert;
  • Universal size chart;
  • Printed in Ukraine during war;
  • Your easy way to support Ukraine and ArmStreet;
  • Soft cotton of the t-shirt;
  • Trim reinforced neck.

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3 Feedbacks

  • Remi 21 of April 2023:

    Just perfect, as expected! Very proud of it! Thank you and keep kicking ass

  • Sha 05 of December 2022:

    This is a very cool shirt! It is a tshirt, with a square of linen sewn onto it, so it makes it a rather unique shirt.

  • Ivan 07 of September 2022:

    I got this awesome t-shirt few weeks ago (as a present) and I love it! First, it has original design that reflects history of the war in Ukraine. Bucha, Mariupol, brave traktor drivers stilling ruzzian tanks. Second, quality is oitstanding, I washed it few times and it looks as good as new one.

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