New Clamshell Gauntlets

August 12, 2017

Medieval Functional Clamshell Gauntlets

Clamshell gauntlets are a workhorse hand-protection for most sword-fighting formats, from the SCA and WMA to the heavy historical fighting such as HMB. Our clamshells were always one of our bestsellers thanks to their sturdy and simple design as well as reasonable price. However, we believe that there is always room for improvement, so we're happy to present a new, upgraded version of our clamshell gauntlets!

Medieval SCA Clamshell armour gauntlets

The first significant improvement is that lacing has been replaced with one-piece solid rivets on the sides of the clamshell plates and at the points where cuffs are attached, making them more structurally sound in combat. An asymmetrical cuff shape allows for better wrist maneuverability, and new scalloped bordering is both visually pleasing and more secure that leather lacing.

Clammshell fighting armor gauntlets

One more significant improvement is the thumb. The new thumb is much more flexible and it allows you to keep it under the clamshell plate, so you have a better grip and almost a basket-hilt-level protection in a closed position.

We brought these gauntlets to Pennsic War before we even listed them on our website, sold all 3 pairs, and have already received some great feedback from the battlefield!

If you need straight-forward and reliable protection for your sword-fighting activity, what more could you ask for?

Fighting armor clammshel gauntlets