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Padded Medieval Mittens Gloves

Quilted leather mittens with foam pads

$49 - $64

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Padded Medieval Mittens

Quilted leather mittens with foam pads

We would not stop there, even after the Padded Fencing Gloves are available for purchase. Here's another model - made especially for those who prefer a pair of sturdy practical steel mittens to pathetic fingered gauntlets. No matter the style you use to bludgeon the opponents and to hold a sword - closed fist, plate or segmented mittens, Milanese gauntlets, these high duty padded medieval mittens will perfectly complement your kit.

Made of gloving suede (or optionally smooth gloving leather) with the insulating foam pads across the metacarpal. Inside is soft suede, so that your palms won't get overheated to sweating during active training and tournaments. Genuine leather provides solid hand protection and good gripping capabilities, while the channel design makes it possible for impacts to be evenly distributed throughout the entire mitten.

Designed to be worn under the steel gauntlets for active combat, full contact SCA and BotN sword fighting. Keep your hands safe as you wear and use armor!

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Foam pads;
  • Natural gloving leather.


  • Insulating pads;
  • Cover the wrists;
  • Articulated thumb;
  • Ideal for mitten style gauntlets.

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1 Comment

  • Frank 28 of March 2019:

    Would it be possible to have a single glove made with a single steel plate over the fingers and steel over the thumb for use in a shield hand? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Frank, kindly contact our support team with the picture of the required desing so we could confirm we can make it. 

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1 feedback

  • Paul 29 of May 2018:

    Padded Medieval Mittens Gloves: Great mittens excellent to wear with my Clamshell Gauntlets.

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