Jack chains manoeuvrable arm protection XIV-XV century

July 23, 2018

Jack Chains XIV-XV century arm protection

Imagine this: you are a lord in the XIV-XV century, getting ready for a military campaign. You have a multitude of young man-at-arms who you need to outfit with armor that is protective and functional, but isn't going to cost you a fortune. The solution: "jack chains". This versatile armor covers the most essential and vulnerable parts of the arm - the elbow and shoulder - with solid plates, while the biceps and the forearm have partial coverage. Jack chains are an excellent alternative to traditional arm harnesses, as not only are they cheaper to produce, but they provide a flexible option for those who don't want to carry the weight and place more value on manoeuvrability.

Jack Chains manoeuvrable arm protection

The construction of jack chains by ArmStreet is very similar to the one you can find in historical sources: the pauldrons and elbow cops are connected to the biceps and forearm plates with the help of reliable steel wire rings going through riveted steel loops. You can either lace the jack chains to your gambeson or wear them over mail. Leather straps at the wrist and at the elbow secure the arm protection to ensure it stays in place while you are rolling up enemy lines.

Joints of Jack Chains arm protection

You'll notice something very new with these jack chains. One of the surface finishes available in a brand new technology we have been experimenting with, which gives the steel a blackened, beaten appearance. This is through a process of blacksmithing and chemical blackening which leaves you with a unique look that is perfect for theater, LARP, and other medieval events. This technology requires us to use mild steel, so the armour won't be as rust resistant as our usual stainless steel, but it remains resiliant none the less. This is one of the first items we have released with this brand new finish, but it most certainly won't be the last!

When it comes to surface finish, whatever your current persona, we have an option for you. Shiny or blackened, humble period appearance or eye-catching fantasy style "reptile skin", there are five options of materials and finishing available for this type of armour:

  • stainless steel with mirror polishing;
  • stainless steel with satin polishing;
  • mild steel with mirror polishing;
  • mild steel with satin polishing;
  • weathered blackened mild steel (no polishing).
Stainless steel Jack Chains arm protection Weathered mild steel Jack Chains arm protection