“Princess in Exile” dress

Elegant cotton princess dress


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"Princess in Exile" dress

Beautifully cut elegant cotton dress

Despite what some may claim, an exiled princess is still a princess. Nobility is not about the fleeting things: flaunted luxury, superficial loyalties… nobility is something more, found in the flawless poise of the leading class. It is an ability to hold one’s head high as well as maintain dignity and self-esteem regardless of circumstances. In harsh conditions, however, one must adapt. As the princess flees the kingdom she knows she must wear a garment that is equally beautiful and practical – standards must not fall simply because one is in exile.
This is a dress of reliable, simple and practical design, crafted from fine materials. As the princess sits by a campfire in a cold forest, embarks on a long trip on horseback and navigates a busy marketplace, she is equally comfortable in her clothing. While her spirit may be dampened, the crestfallen princess is held up by suitable clothing that leaves no doubts as to who she is. The elegance of the trim shows her unparalleled sense of taste whilst not appearing tacky – the refined appearance is firm evidence of her high status.

Our simple cotton fabric is used as the main material, which makes the dress more versatile. The trim around the plunging neckline, sleeves and bottom of the dress adds an exquisite air of nobility. This dress is made to make everyone look like a princess: a side-lacing bodice gently hugs the wearer's figure for a perfect fit and flatters every silhouette. Puffed sleeves are one of the distinctive features that makes the dress recognizable, and well-fitted buttoned sleeves guarantee practicality in various occasions.

This dress is a part of our well-proven “Princess” series. We experimented with color combinations and finishing, and in this case we really like the outcome. Do you? Share your thoughts! Please note, that chemise is not included, but available in our store.

Please note, that chemise is not included, but available in our store.

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  • Cotton;
  • Exclusive trim.


  • Deep triangular decollete;
  • Ample puffed sleeves;
  • High and tight cuffs with tiny buttons;
  • Lateral laced slits;
  • Thickened bodice.

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