Viking Winter Hat | plain

Authentic woolen hat without embroidery


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Viking Winter Hat | plain

Authentic woolen hat w/o embroidery

For the holiday lounging warrior, our Viking Winter Hat offers unrivaled comfort and warmth.  Try a new, medieval shade of Christmas this year with a festive addition to the ‘Viking’ collection!

Same as traditional Vikings' head coverings, fitted to keep out foul weather, this timeless red one is made of 100% natural wool. Historically authentic style makes it a perfect accessory for any Viking character. Features a variety of colors to coordinate with your garb, flax linen lining and fur trimming. All the seams are covered with a contrasting hand-embroidered herringbone pattern. Check an embroidered version of the hat in our store.

Suits both male and female Vikings, and all ages: for those who still believe in Santa, and who dress up as Santa. Hurry down the chimney tonight in a Yule hat!

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  • Wool;
  • Flax linen;
  • Fur trimming.


  • Fully lined;
  • Custom sized;
  • Authentic style;
  • Herringbone stitching over the seams.

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  • dekland 06 of October 2017:

    what type of fur is used?

    ArmStreet answered 01 of September 2018:

    Hi, we use natural fox fur

  • Stephen Blok 18 of April 2017:

    Can this hat be made with the 100% natural wool broadcloth, the same material that my "Viking Kaftan “Olaf the Stormbreaker” coat is made of to match?

    ArmStreet answered 01 of September 2018:

    Hi Stephen! Yes, it is possible. 

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