ArmStreet's 15th anniversary

May 22, 2018

Happy Birthday!

The chronicle of the 15th year of ArmStreet: let's review all the milestones we've passed since our last birthday!

July 2017 – August 2017: as it happens for the last 7 years already, the amazing two weeks at the middle of the summer we've spent with our friends at Pennsic War 46 in Pennsylvania,  USA. Meeting new people, having tons of fun, presenting our goods to you in person, receiving feedbacks and admirations, having fun, sharpening our skills of packing and unpacking, enjoying the surrounding medieval atmosphere. Have I mentioned tons of fun? Oh, sure.

ArmStreet at Pennsic War

August 2017: this would be listed in historical sketches to come as the year of the first appearance of ArmStreet at Le Duché de Bicolline in Quebec, Canada. The event and the site itself so much impressive and unlike to our prior experience! This journey resulted in acquaintance with amazing guys from The Voyage North, new battle experience and intentions to come again.

ArmStreet at Bicolline 

September 2017: autumn is the time to swap from journey mood into the work moral and we've rushed in on all fronts. First, we've launched an amazingly authentic but at the same time subtly stylish (as everything at ArmStreet, you know) collection of medieval underwear ‘Pyjama party’. Undertunics, coif, comfy sleepers and braies – everything you need to feel comfortable in harsh medieval conditions.

Then the new website was released. The result of work of many people, it was aimed to please the eyes and be user-friendly and convenient. And we are really proud of it! Hope you also enjoy the light colour scheme, the visually compelling way of presentation of colour options, accounts with time-saving measurements sets etc. We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who participated in testing of the new website and sent us bug reports and comments!

October 2017: as a reflection of bright colours of the golden autumn, we've (finally!) acquired an enamel technology. You can find already a couple of enamel decorated accessories in our shop but the most interesting application of such an expanded opportunity of finishing is yet to come! Keep following us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter to be among the first to discover!

Enamel tests at ArmStreet

Halloween inspired "Moonless Night" collection was the first to represent the enamel decoration: the stunning charisma of the set leaves none indifferent! Black and red with blackened brass accents is powerful and command respect – success is guaranteed. Otherwise, you always can turn disobedient into a frog or a bat.

Moonless Night Collection Moonless Night Collection Moonless Night Collection

November 2017: here comes the Kingmaker, the most eye-catching and breathtaking armour from our "Hundred Years War" series. This fancy armour kit half the moral of the enemy army just by the shine level: natural leather of bright colour and reliable stainless steel decorated with twisted roping, laser-cut brass accents and laser-cut patterns on the splints... Come on, who can beat it?

The Kingmaker Collection The Kingmaker Collection

December 2017: another reinterpretation of our well-known Princess set: now in green and burgundy. To be in step with the times and according to the best practices of big online clothing shops, here is a catwalk video as well. The model is wearing size 2 and a haughty facial expression as befits a princess.

“Princess in Exile” Costume “Princess in Exile” Costume

January 2018: as lots of our armour has etched decorations, it is limited to be produced of stainless steel only. To balance the state of things our incredible blacksmiths acquired a new method of dealing with the mild steel – weathered and blackened finishing. You are welcome to watch a video with samples of different appearances on our YouTube channel. Our craftsmen are so good in providing the unique look to your armour so that your support team can find you easily at the battlefield! Etching, weathering, laser-cut patterns, leather accents...
And the most visually striking feature of our Errant Squire collection – it uses none of those. Just the plain armour with two options of polishing: mirror and satin. That's it. But take a closer look and pay attention to the evolution of the joints and the freedom of movement you can get with this updated version of our Paladin armour!

Pauldrons “Errant Squire” Set of Armour “Errant Squire” Errant Squire Leg Harness

February 2018: the launch of Dangerous Knives project was very important for us. We have to admit: we like real weapons. I mean, swords, sabers, etc. The decorative weapons give a huge trade space and are a real fun, but what can be compared to the feeling of a well-balanced sword in the hand? If you are living in the USA or at least have a postal address here, you are very welcome to order something fabulous at

Dangerous Knives

And to give you enough time to dial up the charm for summer events, the huge update on viking collection was released at the end of the winter. We've made a complete list of all new items in a blog post lately so you can browse them through in a most convenient way: they are all gathered and organized nicely here.

Viking collection updated

March 2018: another must-visit event for us for the last several years is a Gulf War, Mississippi, US. Always glad to see old and new friends, make another packing and unpacking, replenish your wardrobes and arsenals with freshly made clothing or armour and watch the experienced SCA fighters uphold the honour of their kingdoms.

ArmStreet at Gulf War

Collaboration with Savra loaded the beginning of the spring with bright colours and vibrant characters within highly professional shots by Pandemicum featuring ArmStreet's products. It is an indescribable pleasure to be part of such an inspiring and talented person's projects!

Collaborations: Savra and ArmStreet Collaborations: Savra and ArmStreet Collaborations: Savra and ArmStreet

April 2018: another update from our IT department – new website released for our French speaking customers!
And one more prominent collaboration – this time with Tibor. No more words, just have a look! Photo by My neverland photo, Arwen beauty.

Collaborations: Tibor and ArmStreet

May 2018: the Ukrainian team of medieval fighters is the permanent finalist of the 21x21 mass fights at the Battle of the Nations. This year we were very proud to take part in the preparation process of our guys for this important competition! Looking forward to being even of more use for our team next year.

Ukrainian team at the Battle of the Nations

And the latest achievement – to meet the SCA requirements for the helmets we've launched the production of the closed cell foam fabric padding for heavy formats! You are welcome to order them online and we'll definitely bring them to Pennsic War.

We wouldn't have an opportunity to achieve all of this without you, take my word – you fulfill our dream by letting us fulfill yours. Thank you so much for being with us!

Happy Birthday, ArmStreet!