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“Bjorn the Woodman” Tunic

“Bjorn the Woodman” Tunic
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Tunic color/Accents color:

Natural flax linen
Wine red flax linen
Black flax linen
Wine red flax linen
Black flax linen
Blue flax linen
Natural flax linen
Blue flax linen

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“From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord.”

Tunic “Bjorn the Woodman”

Linen Viking tunic with accents and trim

This is an exclusive version of our Viking Tunic. It is made of natural flax linen with two types of trim (both trim patterns have been designed for this costume by ArmStreet). Cuffs and hem of the tunic are decorated with second layer of linen. This way these parts of the tunic are less unstainable. If you are choosing green or blue linen as second color trim will be replaced by one with matching color pattern.

Tunic's design is completely historically accurate and based on excavations at Birka, Sweden.


  • Natural linen fabric;
  • Original trim by ArmStreet;

Tunic features:

  • Great linen colors selection;
  • Historically accurate (Birka, Sweden excavation) design;
  • Original (designed by ArmStreet) viking style trims;
  • Perfect manufacture quality;

Important note about linen accents: if blue or green color choosen as secondary one, trim will be replaced with similar trim with matching color scheme:

Viking Trim #1 Viking Trim #2

Original trim will be used for red, black and brown secondary color, and green-blue one with green and blue decorations

Birka Tunic design

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Kathy Zimmerman:

hello, Team!! Our package arrived today, and it was so exciting to open it! I'd ordered my husband the natural flax with blue trim, and it is beyond wonderful! As usual, your attention to detail is amazing, it fits beautifully, and he can't wait to go eventing!

ArmStreet team:

Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! We`re happy the tunic fits and we`re sure your husband will have an amazing look during many events. :)
Always welcome to ArmStreet!

Tomáš Vlasatý:

Hello Armstreet! You claim that "Tunic's design is completely historically accurate and based on excavations at Birka, Sweden". Can I ask you for some references? As far as I know, there is no Viking Age tunic in Sweden, and the embroidery is based on no evidence. Thank you in advance. Thomas

ArmStreet team:

The tunic`s cut is historically accurate, it is indeed based on excavations at Birka - big trading center of the Viking's epoch, which is placed on the territory of present-day Sweden. You can find more detail info about this topic here - bibliography, full of reliable sources can be found on the bottom of the page.
As for the trim and embroidery decorations, they are based on Viking's patterns of different styles, there is a detailed article on this topic on our website, but of course we never pretend that they are authentic replicas as well as all of our items.

Chris McNulty:

I see there is a linen accents blue but i dont see the buying option.

ArmStreet team:

The tunic is available in stock in two colour combinations: Natural tunic - Red accents and Black tunic - Red accents.
You can order a custom-made tunic with blue accents, just switch to a "Custom size" tab and choose the desired colours.


Is it hand stitched? It appears to me that is machine stitched. Is it visible anywhere on the outside of the tunic and trim? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

This tunic has machine-made visible stitches, our costumes are made not in accordance to the strict reenactment techniques. We're quite far from historical reconstruction :)

Joachim Jensen:

Great looks, can you make this with midnight blue (as seen in "Viking linen pants") trims ?

ArmStreet team:

Can be made with midnight blue accents upon request, please add a comment to your order.

Rowena Whaling:

Can you cut side or front & back slits in this? Thank you. Rowena

ArmStreet team:

Yes, such modification costs $15 extra. Please add a comment about placing and length of the slits to your order.

Gourge Griffin:

Beautiful tunic! Great communication! I'll definitely be back for more!

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for the review! You're always welcome!

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