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“Love Beyond Words” Fibula

XV century brooch with enamel


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“Love Beyond Words” Heart Shaped Fibula

Double-sided XV century brooch with enamel

In the XIV-XV century, brooches and badges were a popular gift to give your beloved, often thought to ward off infidelity and protect the wearer from unwanted amatory advances. They were also gifted as tokens of desire, or worn as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity between a husband and wife while the husband was away at war. With this history in mind and a historical reference from the XV century, we created this fibula as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved! This is larger than a brooch and is built to be sturdy and robust for holding your heavy cloak on.

This is very much the upgraded version of our earlier “Fairy Tale Fibula”. We have improved on the already beautiful design by adding enamel, a material we have spent much time experimenting with and trying to get perfect. The enamel combined with the cut-through brass really causes the brass the pop, adding another dimension of beauty that this fibula didn’t have in the earlier rendition. The enamel itself is not opaque and still allows light to shine through, creating a gorgeous luminous effect when held up to light.

The typography on the brooch was expertly crafted by one of our designers, and reads the Latin phrase ”Amor meus amplior quam verba est", which in English translates to “my love is beyond any words”. If words aren’t quite your thing, the other side of this brooch has a beautiful decorative floral pattern and can be used in the exact same way to secure your cloak. You can switch it up whenever you’d like – the pin in the middle rotates and can be used on either side.

With this fibula, your beloved can literally be kept warm by your love!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass (3 layers);
  • Enamel.


  • Based on a historical XV century design;
  • Double sided: text on one side, floral pattern on the other;
  • Cut through brass;
  • Unique Latin lettering;
  • Robust construction for holding your cloak;
  • Luminous enamel;


  • 6.2 cm x 7 cm (appr. 2 1/2’’ x 2 3/4’’)

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  • Margie 31 of December 2018:

    Absolutely beautiful. I think I've just found my next ArmStreet Purchase! I love this kind of Fibula, they work beautifully and are so secure. Have a wonderful my New Year Armstreet friends. I am looking forward to seeing what you come-up with this year. You just keep getting better and better! Margie

    ArmStreet Team:

    Thank you Margie! We will be more than happy to make this fibula for you :) 

  • Rebekah 31 of October 2018:

    Which brass is used in the first picture? Is that the standard brass (as opposed to the blacked brass)?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Rebekah! Standard brass is shown on the pictures of the listing. 

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