Set of brass casting buckles

6 handmade buckles for straps and belts


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Set of brass casting buckles

6 handmade brass buckles for straps and belts

Brass cast buckles of similar construction have been fastening the straps for centuries. The first of those were purely functional, but later, the lines and curves became more artistic and graceful. You can easily imagine such a buckle holding tight the ceremonial vest, securing the perfect fit of knight's boots, holding the sword, or closing the bag. They are beautiful, reliable, and easy to install. Does it already sound as if we are hinting? Because we definitely are.

We ourselves love creating beautiful things. Hence, it feels very natural to encourage our community to develop, repair, or upgrade their own items. What will it be in your case? Is it time to make your first pair of period footwear with straps and buckles, or did a strap wear out on your favorite bracers? In any case, just count the number of buckles you need and order them from stock – they are ready to be shipped and will arrive really fast.

Our skilled craftsmen have cognized and mastered the casting of nickel-covered brass, which allows us to offer you two color options for this buckle.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass or nickel-covered brass.


  • 6 buckles set;
  • Dimensions: 22x30mm (⁵⁵/₆₄x1 ³/₁₆'');
  • Museum-quality handmade casting;
  • Rooted in historical sources;
  • Two finishes to match your colors;
  • Elaborate design.

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