Brass cast rivets replica "Lion"

Half-dozen handmade rivets for armor


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Brass cast rivets "Lion"

Half-dozen handmade rivets for armor and accessories

Back in the XIII-XIV centuries, the lion head shape could have been found on the most beautiful and elaborate plate armor sets, belts, and other accessories. If your new persona's background falls into this period and you are looking for eye-catching highlights for their appearance, look no further! What can be more striking and more beautiful than the elaborately hand-crafted brass cast rivet in a lion's head shape? Same as blacksmiths and craftsmen at ArmStreet, you can use those rivets for any medieval project – they will hold the parts of your new armor, add extra luxury to your favorite belt bag, or give a second breath to the scabbard you've got at the last reuse exchange at the SCA event.

The rivets come in a set of 6 with a complementary set of washers. Hence, as soon as you know how many rivets you'll need for your new medieval belt DIY project or to repair your favorite cuirass and what color of metal best suits your creative ideas, order the required amount of sets. We'll be happy to deliver them to you as soon as possible! The rivets do not require any manufacturing delay to be taken into account as we've already made them, and they are ready to be shipped worldwide from stock.

For quite a while, we were limited to golden color brass cast rivets. We are happy to announce that now you can use our fancy rivets for black and silver armor and accessories as well – just order the rivets in nickel-covered brass.

We encourage you to watch the video attached for our suggestions on how to keep the rivet's shape safe during the installation process. To avoid deforming the lion head, we recommend using a soft wooden surface or hard leather.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass when you've selected the golden color;
  • Nickel-covered brass for the silver color option.


  • The set contains 6 rivets and 8 washers;
  • Exceptional quality handmade casting;
  • Based on the historical sources;
  • Two shades to fit your colors;
  • Incredibly well-shaped lion head design;
  • Our assembly recommendations can be seen in a video.

Average dimensions:

  • Head dimensions 11x13 mm (⁷/₁₆ x ³³/₆₄'');
  • Overall length 17.6 mm (¹¹/₁₆'');
  • Stem length 9 mm (²³/₆₄'');
  • Stem diameter 3 mm (¹/₈'').

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1 Comment

  • Peter Veitch 16 of March 2014:

    I'm interested in purchasing some of these molded rivets, my question is; how are they peaned over without damage to the rivet head itself (the lion head etc....)? Is there a special lion head riveting tool? Thank you Peter

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, you should make a special deepening of the similar shape in the anvil when working with these rivets and armor.

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