“Diamond” Belt Pouch

Leather bag with brass accents


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“Diamond” Belt Pouch

Leather bag with brass accents

This bag was inspired by the same shapes and aesthetic as our “Dark Star” collection, a new set of women’s armor. That being said, this bag is unisex, and will look fantastic on any gender!

As with many of our other items, this bag has been inspired by history but is purely an ArmStreet design. That means it was created by our talented artists, and you won’t be able to find this bag anywhere else! We have taken plenty of ideas from satchels of the time period to create something that is the perfect blend of practical and history.

This bag is made from quality leather and is large enough to hold many of your belongings. It has a large main compartment with two smaller credit card sized pockets and a slightly deeper pocket sewn to the front. These three pockets give you quick access to your vital essentials, such as a bank card, driver’s license, and wallet. The bag slips easily onto a belt with a single tube-like belt loop created as a part of the front flap. The front flap covers the main opening and the interior pockets protecting the contents from the elements. Lined in soft, supple suede, the front flap features a series of heavy tessellating brass mounts in a geometric pattern.

The accents that adorn the front of the bag have been expertly etched – a technique that ArmStreet has come to master over the years. The patterns on the diamonds are also embossed at the top of the bag which aesthetically ties together all of the design aspects. Additionally, we have used solid rivets for decoration, peened over into small washers on the reverse side to ensure they stand the test of time. All of the materials are high-quality products, and they all come together to create this truly stunning pouch!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Leather;
  • Brass;
  • Suede;
  • Solid rivets.


  • Embossed designs;
  • Etched fittings;
  • Solid brass rivet decoration;
  • Room for storage;
  • Card and wallet slots;
  • Space for your phone;
  • ArmStreet design.


  • Width: 23 cm (9 1/16");
  • Height: 19.5 cm (7 43/64").

This item is part of the “Dark Star” collection

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This item is part of the “Stars of Steel” collection

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