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“Dark Star” Livery Collar

Enamelled Brass Chain of Office


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“Dark Star” Livery Collar

Enamelled Brass Chain of Office

Admire the Dark Star from a distance, and don’t let her draw you in. I know you can feel it – that dangerous pull and that need to be closer. Sharp, talented, and driven, it’s no wonder that so many fall into her orbit and are never seen again. So, observe from where you are, learn everything there is to learn and try to get out alive…

A livery collar also referred to as a chain of office, isn’t just any other piece of jewelry. It is an adornment of political significance, often signaling the ownership of a title or land. They are still used today in many countries for ceremonial purposes, and look very similar to how they did in medieval times! A common medieval use of these chains was to denote that the wearer was in a knightly order.

This livery collar is a part of our new “Dark Star” collection, a line of armor and accessories made primarily for female body types. The armor is fitted, beautiful and brutal, and is constructed from spring steel to make it both light and strong. This chain contrasts beautifully with the blackened steel and plays to the same sharp aesthetic as the rest of the kit.

This collar is made from 1.5mm brass, which has been laser cut into a medieval-inspired design. The rings that hold it all together are strong and 2mm, so it is sturdy but still drapes very well across your shoulders. The chain is finished with a medallion at the bottom, which looks like a star.

The gaps made by the laser cutting have been filled with brightly colored enamel in two contrasting colors. Enameling is something we have become experts in over the last few years, after bringing a talented and experienced artist onto our team. This is a method that is medieval but also manages to look modern and classic and really takes our pieces to the next level.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 1.5mm brass;
  • 2mm brass wire rings;
  • Enamel.


  • Plates: 3.3cm x 4cm (1 19/64" x 1 37/64");
  • Central element: 6.5cm (2 9/16");
  • Length: about 76cm (29 59/64").


  • Historically inspired
  • Fantasy design;
  • Laser cut for clean edges;
  • Bright enamel;
  • Contrasting colors;
  • Star medallion;
  • Strong rings.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Jordan Farmer 10 of March 2021:

    Wonderful purchase from a great seller!

  • Kaia 27 of December 2019:

    Great addition to spice up a knightly kit making it look a bit more high class. I chose the same colours as in the product pictures but reveres the order. Seems rather sturdy, but I don't think I'll be wearing it to a fight still.

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