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Cloak “Eydis the Shieldmaiden”

Viking cloak: traveller's attire


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Cloak “Eydis the Shieldmaiden”

Wool cloaks in the Early Middle Ages

People used cloaks from the beginning of history. As ancient inventions often are, a wool cloak is a truly simple, but thoroughly multipurpose thing. Firstly, it makes a durable outer garment protecting a wearer from the cold and rain, but when the night comes, bringing a further drop in temperature, the wool cloak will serve to its owner as a warm and thick blanket. Or as a pillow, in case if the night is clear and summerly.

Initially, cloaks were made from a rectangular piece of cloth which was fastened at the neck or one of the shoulders by an ornate fibula or a simple pin. A name, which Viking people used to call such kind of cloaks, is "feltr". This name derives from the word “falda”, meaning “to wrap, to fold”, which is in full accordance with the nature and purpose of the clothing.

For the Vikings as for warrior people who had to constantly face the severe Norse climate and long marches across the country, cloaks naturally became one of the most essential parts of clothing, wearable by men as well as by women. The Vikings made cloaks both out of colored and undyed wool fabric of various types, for example of twill or pile fabric created by adding extra weft yarns to the cloth structure.

Viking cloak: traveller's attire

The Viking cloak “Eydis the Shieldmaiden” is an outer garment that would certainly suit the Vikings’ taste: simple, durable and well made, it will endure the most far-reaching expeditions and remain looking fine enough to help its owner charm all the women in the neighboring kingdoms. The warm wool cloak is also an invaluable thing for sitting on with your loved one in the ancient mountains, watching as the sun sets in the sea and gives way to the early stars. Or when the men are out in the sea and the wind carries freezing spray from the fjord, the thick and heavy wool cloak will protect a woman, who stands, wrapped up in it, on the shore, as sailor’s wives, sisters, and daughters stand on all the shores, watching for a sign of the sails on the horizon.

The wool cloak has taken over features that are typical of its fabric. While it is obviously coarse, it is also incredibly warm, and will keep you warmer even when wet, which is not to be achieved easily, because wool tends to be water-repellent. In addition – and on the contrary – it is fire retardant, which all in all marks the wool cloak as the most fit and useful part of the outfit for raids making, adventure seeking and romantic dates.

As well as its historic predecessors, the Viking cloak “Eydis the Shieldmaiden” is perfectly suitable both for men and women. It is made out of an undyed wool broadcloth, having the size of 170 x 130 cm (5'7'' x 4'3''). The edges of the cloak are decorated with wine red and unbleached, natural-colored linen thread. The edge embroidery is handmade and double-sided, so no entangled knots will become visible from the inside regardless of the way in which you decide to wear it. Whether you prefer to place a fibula at the shoulder to allow more freedom of movement to your weapon arm, or at the chest to ensure the extra warmth, or to pin the cloak, which is drawn under the arm: due to the simple shape of the cloak, the position of the fastener is only a matter of preference.

The fibula is not included but can be purchased separately in our store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural wool broadcloth;
  • Linen thread.

Key features:

  • One size fits all;
  • Rectangular shape;
  • Handmade double-sided embroidered ornament along the edges;
  • Multipurpose use;
  • Protection from cold, damp and windy weather.

What's included:

  • Hand-embroidered woolen cloak;
  • Clasp is not included but available separately;
  • Decorative wolf's pelt isn't available.

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  • Stephen Blok 19 of April 2017:

    Can this be made with without the wine coloured linen thread accent, just the unbleached natural linen thread only as the accent?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Stephen! Yes, it sounds possible. Please contact our support team for more details.

  • Cameron 16 of March 2017:

    Is it possible to order this item in a different color? Id like to wear it out in the woods while camping so deep green or a hunters green would be awesome! :)

    ArmStreet team:

    This kind of wool is available in one colour only, sorry. Unfortunately we cannot offer any other options.

  • Mark S. Fiel 01 of August 2016:


    ArmStreet team:

    Hello Mark! Your cloak is being manufactured, it should be finished by August 16th approximately. We`ll provide you with all the tracking info once your order is ready and sent. Welcome!

  • Alexander 12 of July 2016:

    Love the pics of this cloak with the fur, do you offer that as well ? Can you add that to a custom order?

    ArmStreet team:

    The fur from the photos is not available for sale, sorry.

  • Tomi 10 of June 2016:

    I really love wool! I live in Washington state, so I usually need to have something that will keep warm in wet weather and I just love the look of this garment! That being said, I was wondering if this fine cloak had a hood on it and whether or not one could be added. Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Tomi! This cloak does not have a hood and it cannot be added, unfortunately.

  • Silje 16 of December 2015:

    Would it be possible to order this cloak with a custom embroidery on the back? I'd love to have this cloak with a "Gates of Moria" motif embroidered on the back with reflective thread.

    ArmStreet team:

    We need some time to discuss your request with our designer, I'll get back to you on this matter ASAP.

  • Lauren 27 of November 2015:

    Is it possible to order a custom size? I don't see an area to enter measurements. It would be for a 79" tall and 48" chest with broad shoulders. Thank you so much for your help!

    ArmStreet team:

    It's "one size fits all" item, the dimensions of the cloak are: 170 x 130 cm (5'7'' x 4'3'').

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1 feedback

  • Carolyn 17 of October 2023:

    I love my new cloak!! So warm and practical and well made! I will certainly be purchasing from ArmStreet again. The wait is worth it!

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