“Gudrun the Wolfdottir” Wool Coat

Limited Edition Viking kaftan with trim


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“Gudrun the Wolfdottir” Limited Edition Kaftan

Wool Viking kaftan with embroidery and trim

A fierce warrior, she was always a wonder to watch on the battlefield. Beautiful and terrifying, she was a great leader and treated her fighters with respect. Back in the village, she was warm and personal, passionate about helping her people, with a balance of ferocity and fairness. She always took care to make sure her kindness was never mistaken for weakness and was the strongest person I’ve ever known.

This new series of Viking clothing has taken everything we love about our old Viking designs and made them better. Every piece of “Gudrun the Wolfdottir” is based on a bestselling pattern, brought to life again with new textiles as improvements. This collection is full of comfortable yet flattering designs that will empower you to be a great leader.

The edges of the kaftan (including the neck hole, wrists, and other hems) are finished with a yellow border as well as some subtle embroidery to protect you from evil spirits and give the garment a polished, finished look.

A kaftan is an article of clothing that is often worn on top of your dresses or tunics, to protect you from the wind and add some extra warmth. It is meant to be a top layer, and we have based ours on historical designs, along with a few changes that help it suit the modern figure and have a nice silhouette. The obvious choice for this garment was wool – it is water repellant, warm, and a natural fiber used often in medieval clothing. This particular wool is warm and soft and looks great from every angle. We have been careful to completely line the garment in 100% flax linen, a breathable fabric that provides structure to the kaftan and feels nice against your skin.

We have taken great care to the little details on this kaftan. There is a particular folktale that we have taken to heart – the superstition that well finished edges and trim seal the garment and protect your body from evil spirits and bad thoughts. Thus, you will find yellow linen trim around all of the openings of this kaftan, including the sleeves, the neckline, the front, and the bottom. Additional to the yellow, we have added a line of natural jute cord in a contrasting dark blue, and our ArmStreet Viking knotwork trim. It is finished with another layer of the thin jute cord, finishing it off against the beige wool.

Another noticeable aspect of this kaftan is the embroidery – almost every seam is emphasized with brown embroidery coming in the Dark Ages. This makes the lines of the item stand out greatly. The final touch that makes this kaftan truly special are the etched brass clasps on the front, adorned with special Armstreet designed knotwork.

This kaftan is extra special because it is limited edition. That gorgeous beige wool we have used is a fabric we have in limited quantity, so we will only ever make around 15 of this item. If you’ve fallen in love with it, we recommend ordering soon, before someone else takes your dream kaftan away from you!

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  • Wool;
  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim;
  • Etched brass clasps;
  • Embroidery thread.


  • Limited Edition – only 14 available!
  • ArmStreet trim;
  • Lined with linen;
  • Soft wool;
  • Yellow linen edges;
  • Additional embroidery along seams;
  • Brass clasps;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Historically inspired.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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  • Dawn 28 of January 2020:

    I'm on this site a lot, and I never saw this limited edition set. Bring it back. Better yet, add some new fabrics and colors to the line on a permanent basis. Haven't we women proven our loyalty to the Shieldmaiden collection over the years?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Dawn, this collection was available for purchase for over a month. The fabric is sold out, unfortunately. However, we will forward your suggestion to our managers. 

  • Mackenzie 02 of October 2019:

    I love the fabric combination for the dress and apron underneath the wool coat - is that going to be made available as an order option?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Mackenzie, it was a limited edition for the dress and apron and it is already sold out, unfortunately. 

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