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Viking Linen Dress Tunic “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”

Viking Linen Dress Tunic “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”
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"On these..., who had the bodies of women, nature bestowed the souls of men"

Saxo Grammaticus (c. XII century)

“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Dress

Viking linen tunic with unique trim

Traditional T-shape linen tunic decorated with contrasting trim, exclusive braid and dyed hemp cord. Ancient costume silhouettes of northern soldiers and lady warriors did not differ much.

However, we tried to accentuate the beauty of the female figure, as much as viking clothing allows it with its free and floating cut. Quite spacious at biceps and narrowed to wrist, sleeves make it possible to be engaged in any daily chores. Wide skirt reaches the ankle and does not “sweep” the floor, does not limit the step and emphasizes feminine silhouette.

In ancient times not only clothes served to cover the body, protect from the weather and express social status, but also it served as a magical cover and talisman. Therefore, the ancient Scandinavians carefully decorated their costumes with lacing, embroidery and special decorative seams. It was especially important to “protect” all open sections - the hem, sleeves and collar - because it was believed that through these “gates” evil spirit could penetrate a person.

We paid special attention to this issue in our design. The neck and the sleeves are trimmed with a contrasting linen and narrow trim with traditional Scandinavian ornament. Bottom is also decorated with two rows of trim, specially designed for this costume, contrasting fabrics and dyed jute cord.

All these details and accents will make your character expressive and unique and will make you feel a dozen centuries younger.


  • 100% linen
  • Exclusive trim
  • Jute cord

Dress features:

  • T-shape silhouette
  • Skirt with four additional gussets
  • Gusset
  • Contrasting trim on the collar, sleeves and hem
  • Two types of complementary trim
  • Dyed jute cord

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



Would it be possible to make a custom order of this dress without trim and contrasting color additions?

ArmStreet team:

The tunic cannot be made w/o trim and contrast accents, but we can suggest you making Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer” of the same Blue linen as the Ingrid tunic.

courtney benstead:

I was curious if this tunic could be made to reach the ground. I have 2 of your dresses already that I LOVE and I'm waiting for the amazing Archeress Set and would love this. Thank you Your a very Talented team!!

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the dress can be made longer, just give us the desired overall length (from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem). Please note this info in the comments to your order.

Katlyn Cinq - Mars:

BEAUTIFL dress. I'm 5'9' is that to tall? Can this dress be worn for everyday wear?

ArmStreet team:

Our fixed sizes are made for full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine 5' 5" – 5' 7" (165–170 cm). The actual length of the dresses is 58" (148 cm) long.
You can always order a custom sized dress which will be made according to your full height.


I was wondering if this dress could be made with short sleeves? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

Basically, the tunic can be made with short sleeves, but it may require the change of the pattern. The original tunic`s sleeve is broad near the armhole and gets more narrow to the bottom, so if we just cut them, the sleeves may look weird.

Carol Chisholm:

Please can I ask... Can I buy a size 22(English) in this dress? Will it cost more for a larger size? Thank you. Carol

ArmStreet team:

Our sizes are different from European, UK and US size systems, please check our size chart. According to our size chart seems like size 12 should fit you. You can also always order a custom size dress which will be made specially for you according to your actual measurements, to do so just switch to a "Custom size" tab, enter your measurements and choose the color preferred.

B Lee:

can this be made in other colours?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, this tunic (custom size, made to order) can be made in in natural, brown, green, blue, black, orange, dark blue, yellow; and the accents can be made in brown, green, blue, black. Please note, that the main color of the tunic should differ from the color of the accents. If the preferred color combination satisfies these conditions - just mention it in a comment to your order.


Just received my dress- it is BEAUTIFULLY made- no question about it. The only small problem is it is a bit short for my 175cm (size 12)frame and the sleeves also a bit short (I have pretty small- average arm length) Just be wary if you are tall- you might want to get a custom fit to make sure the lengths suits you more. Would recommend though, its beautiful!

ArmStreet team:

Many thanks for your feedback!

Please note, our standard size clothing is made full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine to the growth 5' 5" – 5' 7" (165–170 cm), as stated in the size chart. For those who are taller, we recommend ordering custom size garments (made to order according to your measurements).

Dan Collins:

I love the deer pelt bag. I can't seem to see it on the site. Is it for sale and if so how much?

ArmStreet team:

This bag will be available on the site soon, stay tuned!


Is this dress longer than the Eydis the shieldmaiden dress?Is it more or less the same pattern? thanks, you make amazing garments!

ArmStreet team:

Thank you! They have the same pattern, but Ingrid dress is a bit longer than the Eydis tunic.


can this be made without the trim? just the brown cloth border.

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the tunic can be made without trim, simply add a comment to your order.

Alexandra Manesi:

Hello! This is a beautifyl item! I am interested in no 4 but i can see that it is out of stock both in green and in blue colour. Is it possible for you to take an order, and if so, what about the cost? Or maybe if i wait for some time, are you going to produce some more 'Ingrid" dresses in this size?

ArmStreet team:

While we cannot provide any accurate information about when the size 4 will be back in stock, sorry.
Please note, you can always order it in custom size (made to order), manufacturing takes 18-24 days, plus shipping - 16-21 days. Simply switch to the "Custom size" tab in the description of the item, click "Add to cart", then "Go to cart". Please tick the preferred color of the dress, then fill in your measurements in the order form and click "Checkout".

Rowena Whaling:

Hi. I am 5'6'' tall. How far will this dress come above my shoes. Will this be at the bottom of my ankle or near the top of my ankle? Perhaps it will be best to ask how long it is from the shoulder. Thank you. Rowena

ArmStreet team:

Pre-made dresses are 56 1/3 in (143 cm) long in sizes 0-8 and 57 in (145 cm) in sizes 10-12.


Hello, These prices are only for sizes in stock? I'm interested in size 6

ArmStreet team:

Special prices are for the items in stock only; size 6 is out of stock, sorry. But you can always order this dress in custom size (made to oder) for $129 + $22 (shipping)

Phil Wujek:

I'm too old, but my step son may want her phone number!

ArmStreet team:

Serious challenge for the young gentleman :)


This is absolutely beautiful! And my mother's name is ingrid - I'll have to point her towards this. :)

Cynthia Virtue:

Can we buy the trim from you?

ArmStreet team:

I'm sorry. After many discussions with a team we decided not to do this...

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