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Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer”

Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer”
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Flax color:

Natural fine flax linen
White fine flax linen

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"On these..., who had the bodies of women, nature bestowed the souls of men"

Saxo Grammaticus (c. XII century)

Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer”

Viking natural linen undertunic

Viking outfits silhouettes of warriors and women didn't deffer a lot. But we did our best to bring beauty of female figure into focus as far as it is possible for viking style costume.

This tunic is made of natural great quality flax linen with short front cut collar and without any decorations. Undertunic was an important part of ancient outfit which played an important role protecting body from scratchy outer garments and providing extra warmth.

Linen is a unique fabric which is extremely durable (2-3 times stronger then cotton) and it is not affected by the sun light like other fabric so linen clothing is excellent for the hot weather and as an underwear. Flax linen can absorb significant amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp to the skin.

This tunic will be a great part of your ancient wardrobe and you'd better have 2 or 3 chemises like this using them as underdresses or as a night gown.

Chemise features:

  • Softened natural flax linen
  • Collar lacing
  • Classic T-shape silhouette
  • Narrow sleeves
  • Black color is available upon request (only for custom size option)


  • Softened natural flax linen

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Mona Sophie Kling:

Hello, when will the undertunic Eydis be available in size 4 again, please? Thank you

ArmStreet team:

Restocking frames may vary, at the moment we can`t provide any accurate info when the size 4 is back in stock.
You are always welcome to order a custom-made tunic, please note, now we are offering free regular shipping so it is a great chance to order the custom tunic and get it shipped for free. :)


So how would one breastfeed in this? I would have imagined feminine undergarments for a cold climate culture would allow them to stay as covered as possible while feeding their little children.

ArmStreet team:

If you`d like to order the chemise, we can make the slit as long as you need, just let us know how long it should be from the neckline in inches or cm. You can add this in the comments to your order.


Is this available in any other colors? Thank you

ArmStreet team:

The chemise is made of thin fine linen, which is produced specially for base layer clothing. It's available in Natural, White and Black colors, other colors and fabrics are not available for the chemises.

April Casler:

Is the linen of Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer” dye-able?

ArmStreet team:

Basically dyeing is acceptable, we dye linen ourselves sometimes, but we can not provide any recommendations or guarantees, sorry. Please note, our clothing is a finished product, and we're not responsible for the outcome of any subsequent manipulations, such as dyeing. You may dye it only at your own risk.

Edie Locke:

Hello, Can the chemises be made in other colors? If so, are those fabrics also linen? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

Most of the chemises are made of thin fine linen, which is produced specially for base layer clothing. It's available in Natural, White and Black colors, other colors and fabrics are not available for the chemises.

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