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"Astrid the Wolfspeaker" Hat

Winter Viking woolen hat


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"Astrid the Wolfspeaker" Hat

Winter Viking woolen hat

Cold winters are just another reason to make a stylish outfit. Find a nice coat, hat, mittens, as well as some warm shoes and you are ready to walk in the forest playing snowballs. Having chosen a warm coat, it is time to think about a hat. Our Viking woolen hat is a great combination of history and fantasy people look for when they are interested in Viking fashion. And Armstreet design makes every item unique and special on any occasion.

Even though Viking women used to have fewer items in their wardrobe than women do nowadays, they still had different headwear. In summer, they used linen hoods while in winter they had warm woolen hats to be ready to withstand cold Northern winds. Living in the cold Scandinavian countries, Vikings knew how to dress properly from their childhood. Their clothes had to keep them warm and be comfortable to wear for a long time. Following their example, we make our items comfy and at the same time make sure that they look stylish.

The main material for our Viking hat is wool. This material was popular at all times, that is why we keep it authentic. However, we understand that it is not only about comfort, but it should also be elegant headwear. We have added faux-shearling bordering to it to make a more interesting winter look. Besides, we have decorated seams. Headgear is traditionally made of four pieces sewn together. Usually, people would hide these seams, but we decided to emphasize them using a contrasting thread for herringbone stitching. The inner part of the hat is made of fine flax linen of natural color. It is very soft and pleasant for your head. Our priority is your comfort, but we are also doing our best to make trendy items.

Get this Viking hat to complete your outfit for a thematic photo shoot or festival. And check out our matching mittens.

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  • High-quality natural wool;
  • Fine flax linen lining;
  • Faux-shearling.


  • Viking style;
  • Faux-shearling bordering;
  • Decorative herringbone stitching;
  • Warm and breathing at the same time.

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