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Viking Coat Kaftan “Ingrid” with Embroidery

Viking Coat Kaftan “Ingrid” with Embroidery
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Natural wool broadcloth
Brown flax linen

Sizes available


Embroidered Viking Coat “Ingrid”

Traditional woolen coat with embroidery

This is an exclusive version of the Ingrid coat. This one is decorated with linen bordering and a jute lacing. These accents hide machine seams and make the look of the costume even more natural and ancient. Handmade embroidery with fantasy birds of prey completes the unique and handmade look of the coat and makes it an upscale piece of medieval stylization.

Lands of Vikings were mostly a place of a cold wind and a long winter, so woolen clothing was an important part of Vikings' everyday life and a main winter time outfit.

Despite the very simple pattern it elegantly emphasizes a waist line and a silhouette of the wearer. It has widely open neck which suppose that a fur shawl or a woolen hood will be used to protect your neck from the coldness and wind.

Original ancient pattern has been slightly improved to provide better sleeves and shoulders fit. Big sizes also have breast tucks for better fit.


  • Exclusive wool
  • Lining (natural linen)
  • Traditional Viking pattern
  • Jute lacing accents
  • Handmade stitches decorations
  • Handmade casting clasps

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



I see you are in Milwaukee, Wi. Do you have a storefront to shop in person? Love your items. Have many on my wish list.

ArmStreet team:

Our headquarter is in Milwaukee, but the manufacture, design studio and support service are based in Ukraine. All items are made here and sent from here to the customer`s country. To date, we don`t have any offline shop, but we`ll be present at Pennsic War 2017.

Katlyn Cinq - Mars:

BEAUTIFUL coat, can it e worn for everyday wear?

ArmStreet team:

Sure, the dress can be worn as a casual dress, it is absolutely up to you :)

Ada Palmer:

Is it possible to request custom colors in the embroidery on this beautiful coat? I wouldn't request any change to the pattern, but would love if, instead of blue being the dominant color in the embroidery, it could be yellow or red, making the colors more fiery. Simply reversing what you do with blue stitching with what you do with yellow would do it, or other ways might be better. Is that kind of custom request possible? I quite understand if it isn't possible. Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

The colour combination for this piece was developed by our designers and it cannot be adjusted, sorry.

Britt Dierick:

Hello Armstreet, I already have the "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper" dress and apron, now I'm interested in purchasing the coat. Should I take my measurements for it with the costume on? Or should I send my "normal" measurements and do you already take in to account that something will be worn underneath the coat? Greetings, Britt

ArmStreet team:

Nice to hear from you! Please send us your actual measurements, we`ll add the needed leeway. To be more sure you can add the measurements in the dress and apron in the comments to your order, but it is not necessary.

Joanne White:

Hello I am interested in the combination "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper" linen dress and apron outfit. I was wondering how tightly they fit?

Also, is the linen dress soft enough to wear without a chemise?

ArmStreet team:

The tunic and apron are not made to fit very tight. Also we always add some give for freedom of movement and for shrinkage of linen, so please provide your actual measurements, don`t add anything by yourself. The best option is to take measurements wearing the same undergarment you are planning to wear under the tunic and apron.

The tunic and apron are made of 100% linen and it should be soft enough to wear with no chemise.

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