Coat “Girda the Snowdancer”

Embroidered Woolen Viking Coat


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Vikikng Coat “Girda the Snowdancer” 

Embroidered Woolen Viking Caftan

There were so many things that Girda loved about traveling through the homeland during the winter: the crunching frost under her boots, the gentle snowflakes caught on her eyelashes. More than anything though she loved that certain silence you can find only in a snowy forest – a peace like no other.

This coat is a wonderfully warm addition to our Viking collection, featuring new woolen winter items. These dresses, coats, and more will keep you toasty during the chilly seasons without compromising on comfort or style. Designed to be true to Viking style with a modern approach to construction and finishing, this stunning coat will quickly become your favorite – you might even want to wear it with your modern outfits!

This coat is made from wool and lined in faux shearling, making it a truly luxurious addition to your wardrobe. The coat goes down to your knees with long sleeves and an opening at the front that’s secured closed with buttons and loops. The shearling lining also extends to the outside of the coat, bordering the cuffs, front openings, and bottom to provide contrast with the wool. This design is based on our other popular women’s kaftans (but is a bit shorter), and has a nice slim fit, roomy underarm area, and gores at the back to provide you with extra fabric.

The main aesthetic feature of this wonderful coat is the ornate hand embroidery. Even though you’d assume that such perfect artwork would be machine-made, that’s not the case - each decorative stitch has been applied by hand by one of our master embroiderers. Knotwork twists next to the fur trim on the chest, as well as two feature panels down near the bottom edges. This stunning artwork was designed by ArmStreet with reference to Viking art and knotwork, inspired by birds and ducks, and created after many hours of deep research into Viking heritage.

This coat is well constructed and nicely finished. Simple hand stitching also accentuates the armholes, wrists, neckline, and seams at the gore to add some contrast. All seams are well finished and hidden, so this coat is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

You’re going to love the feeling of soft, comfy faux shearling keeping you warm like a gentle hug, and wool protecting you from the elements. We’ve used lovely wool that drapes nicely for a garment like this. Wool is the perfect material for all seasons because it is breathable, repels water, wicks sweat, and protects you from the cold.

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  • Wool;
  • Faux shearling;
  • Brass buttons;
  • Linen thread.


  • Ornate hand embroidery;
  • Warm woolen fabric;
  • Cozy faux shearling lining;
  • Viking design;
  • Brass button closure;
  • Knee-length;
  • Perfect for winter.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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