“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Pants

Viking canvas pants

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“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Viking Canvas Pants

Well constructed pants inspired by the Thorsberg bog find.

The Traveller worries not about passing rain storms and damp weather. He’s not scared to walk off the beaten track, or try a new shortcut, or to even take the long winding road if it means he gets to see the scenic route. Not much bothers him, as long as he ends up with a story to tell and a warm fire at night. He travels light but intelligently, with well constructed, robust clothing suitable for any weather.

This pair of pants is meant to be a more robust companion to our best-selling Eric Viking Pants. The legs are made from strong canvas and are finished off with leather edging at the bottom hem. The crotch and back are made from a beautiful soft suede/ nubuck-like leather which is velvety soft and are lined with linen on the inside to make sure they are nice and comfy against your skin. The waistband is made of the same soft leather which has been interfaced with canvas for more rigidity. These pants have belt loops.

We based these trousers on a historical find, originally extracted from The Thorsberg moor in Germany. The peat-bog has been responsible for the preservation of various artefacts over the years, thought to have been from time periods ranging from 100BC to AD500. These pants probably dated to IV century and are from the dark ages. The original find also included socks, which we decided to leave out of our final re-imagined design for ease of wear. These pants are made of four pieces, similar to the original: a front piece, a back piece, and a piece for each leg. The short inseam and dropped crotch of these pants are thought to be the consequence of the short size of homemade looms of the era.

While we wouldn’t recommend swimming in these pants or sitting in the rain for a prolonged period of time, the canvas used on these pants is relatively water resistant and should keep you dry and happy in any unexpected rain showers!

Please note that these pants are made in fixed sizes only, so take your measurements and compare them to our size chart located here to find the correct size for you.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Water resistant canvas;
  • Soft leather (like nubuck);
  • Flax linen lining;
  • Leather edging.


  • Historical design - based on the Thorsberg bog find;
  • Comfortable;
  • Water resistant canvas;
  • Slim fit;
  • Low-rise.

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  • Chris 07 of October 2019:

    Can you explain why the inseam on the small is 82cm but the inseam on the XXL is 75cm? I don't understand why a smaller size has a longer inseam and a larger size has a smaller inseam. I am only 165cm tall, can I take the small to a tailor to be hemmed? It's OK if I lose leather edging at the bottom I guess but will the pants still be OK?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Chris, it is a peculiarity of a pattern. Please do not worry, it is not a mistake. 

  • Mika Rojas 25 of September 2019:

    Hi! Are these able to be custom ordered in a size medium?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Mika, unfortunately it is not possible, because we are out of canvas at the moment, sorry. 

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