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“Queen of Shamakhan” Hand Muff

Faux-Fur Handwarmer


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“Queen of Shamakhan” Hand Muff

Faux-Fur Handwarmer

Our “Queen of Shamakhan” collection is opulent, historically inspired but still looks right at home in a modern high-fashion context. We have designed pieces that are well constructed, made from high-quality materials that you can hang in your closet next to all of your fanciest dresses.

This particular collection is inspired by Eastern history, a style that is very close to our hearts. Handwarming muffs, however, were an item that was found all across Europe. This particular design came into fashion in the 16th century, and had one key purpose: to keep your hands warm! It is a cylinder of fabric that you can put your hands into to keep them warm in a fashionable way.

We have used a very high-quality fake fur that is incredibly soft and feels like the real thing. It has strong cords at the side to assist you in carrying it when you don’t need to warm your hands. Why just wear gloves when you can saunter around with your hands in this glorious, warm piece of fur?

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Faux fur;
  • Cord.


  • Warms your hands;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Cords for easier carrying;
  • High-quality faux fur.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Erik White 14 of February 2022:

    Great value. Never had a purchase from Armstreet that I have been anything but thrilled with.

  • Kseniaportnoy 03 of February 2022:

    Very beautiful. Outstanding quality and craftsmanship!

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