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“Dark Star” Finger Gauntlets

Blackened Spring Steel Hand Protection


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“Dark Star” Blackened Finger Gauntlets

Spring Steel Hand Protection

She’s an adept duelist, revered strategist, and accompanied by nothing other than her strong will… is there anything about the Dark Star that isn’t enticing? Just be careful if you decide to fall into her orbit – people who are alone by choice often need no one and have nothing to lose by discarding you.

These gauntlets are a part of our new “Dark Star” range, a collection of armor made originally with the female figure in mind. It is constructed from an exciting new material for us: spring steel. This is an amazing material because it is stronger and less easy to dent than mild steel, so you can make items with thinner steel, which are therefore lighter. To avoid rust we have used a historical blackening technique, which gives it a truly beautiful finish that is both eye-catching and functional. Many different design iterations, experiments, and tests went into making this armor, so we hope that you appreciate what we have come up with.

These are constructed of 0.8mm spring steel, which makes them light and flexible. Consisting of many different lames, these are our most flexible gauntlets yet. You should be able to grip your sword, flex your hands, and fight without having your movement restrained too much, due to a series of sliding rivets in at the back and side of the palm. The gauntlet also extends a bit down your wrist to provide you with a little bit of forearm protection, opening with a hinge and doing up with a buckle.

ArmStreet have been designing amazing gauntlets for a number of years, and we have applied a lot of our learnings to this item to make the best pair of gauntlets possible. These gauntlets lean more on the historical side of dishing, with slightly flatter lames than a lot of our SCA optimized gauntlets. They still offer decent protection and have a solid thumb plate on a hinge.

We have used a number of nice touches on these gauntlets, such as contrasting solid brass rivest that really pop against the blackened finish. The gauntlets as a whole are beautifully shaped and almost sculptural and are finished with a border of quality leather and strong leather straps. A cast brass medieval buckle is used, as well. These gauntlets are strapped and ready to fight, and also include a sewn in padded glove.

Please, mind that no polishing option is available if you choose brassed spring steel!

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 0.8mm spring steel;
  • Leather;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Cast brass buckle.


  • Blackened finish;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Flat lames;
  • Sewn in glove padding;
  • Extends down passed wrist;
  • Hinged thumb;
  • Full wrap wrist protection;
  • Very well articulated.

This item is part of the “Dark Star” collection

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This item is part of the “Stars of Steel” collection

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  • Connor Pierce 12 of August 2019:

    is it possible to have these made to match the Kings Guard armor set that you guys have

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Connor, could you please specify your request? Would you like to add brass borders on the cuffs with latin engravings? 

  • Jernej Cuderman 01 of July 2019:

    I'm curious, would it be possible to order these with stainless steel or nickel rivets rather than the brass?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Jernej, we can offer only mild steel (silver color) or brass rivets. 

  • Michelle 28 of June 2019:

    Can you tell me what gambeson she's wearing in these images, please?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Michelle, this gambeson is not available for purchase yet, unfortunately. It will be displayed in our store soon. 

  • Justine Tullos 27 of June 2019:

    Hi there - what is the base kit shown in this set? I love the whole look and am interested in purchasing each individual piece. Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Justine, the whole armor kit is available here. Each piece of armor can be found on the website by the key words "Dark Star".

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1 feedback

  • Trace 18 of July 2020:

    I commend the designers and fabricators for making a functional and beautiful set of armor for female figures! I had to acquire the gauntlets first because they're just nifty. The 1st thing I should say is I HAVE SMALL HANDS. Length 7", across knuckles 7.25" wrist 6". I did my best to self-measure and overall, I think the fit is good. Flexibility seems reasonable too. These gauntlets are obviously functional as armor and are also finished in an attractive and practical way. I am wondering, however, if the small size of my hands presented a construction challenge because when wearing these, the fingers of my hands (the left most particularly) are lightly cramped into a bowed shape (see photos). I can still hold objects (like a sword handle) and move the fingers but not like I expected to be able to, and that may have been unrealistic. If I gave them a knuckle measurement of 7.25 and the width of the finger lames is a little over an inch, maybe an inch and a quarter, that makes 5 inches for the steel plus there has to be allowance for the leather of the gloves at the sides of the fingers and what I'm thinking is, there wasn't a lot of room to fit in four armored fingers in the space given. Had this been a completely customized gauntlet, with lames made according to the width of my fingers and etc., the fit would likely have been better, but this would also mean mucho extra $$$. So perhaps I had unrealistic expectations, but given that these do work as intended I am still happy overall. The gauntlets were wrapped well for shipment. They were bound together in a linen bag, wrapped in a football-field length of cling wrap which was inside a layer of bubble wrap, inside a plastic mailing bag. Arrived from Ukraine in good condition. Upon inspection, there is light rust on some of the hinges (see photos) and under some of the lames. I will consult the internet and perhaps the Armstreet contacts regarding how best to address this but may just use swabs and BreakFree cleaner or Naval Jelly. I will use Renaissance wax to coat the steel plates. Leather on the gloves and straps is in good condition.

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